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‘Yellowstone’ Releases Awesome Video Celebrating The Fourth Of July

“Yellowstone” dropped an incredible Fourth of July video early Monday morning.

The hit Paramount Network show is hands down the best show on TV over the past several years, and fans are desperately waiting for season five to start November 13.

While the new season isn’t starting on America’s birthday, the show did release a video celebrating Independence Day, and it features the Duttons blowing a lot of stuff up!

Give it a watch below. It’s pretty epic!

If that video doesn’t have you ready to run through a wall, I don’t know what to tell you. Honestly, I could probably just watch “Yellowstone” all day and feel pretty patriotic.

It’s about guns, owning land, family and protecting what’s yours! If that’s not what America is all about, I don’t know what we’re about!

So, on this fine day, crush a few beers, celebrate the birth of the world’s greatest nation and maybe kill an episode of “Yellowstone” along the way!

H/T: Daily Caller

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