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Woman Nags Country Into Giving Her Award

Do you hate America? Do you kneel when you hear the national anthem? Well line up and get loud, because you might be owed a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

It’s really hard to comprehend that soccer player and purple-haired scold Megan Rapinoe was one of 17 recipients of the highest civilian honor on Thursday. She started her career kneeling in disgust as her teammates stood proud of what being born an American has gifted them, but today she’s someone we’re supposed to emulate.

Initially, I was annoyed that the Biden administration thought it was appropriate to give the Medal of Freedom to a woman who literally wants it to be harder for young girls to compete in sports. Thankfully Mostly Peaceful Memes was there to bring light to my day, as that page always has and I hope always will…

I loved this meme so much that we at the Daily Caller weren’t satisfied with it being pure satire. Mostly Peaceful is right. Megan Rapinoe nagged her way into a medal, and after hours of research, I just can’t seem to figure out why the Administration did it.

So, I asked Mostly Peaceful what he thought. “It’s a chance for the administration to virtue signal how they support women. She pushes their messaging for them to young impressionable girls,” he said in an exclusive chat with the Daily Caller.

An alternative headline for the meme was “millionaire awarded for complaining about not being paid enough,” also shared on Twitter. Mostly Peaceful noted in our conversation that “she is someone who is extremely privileged yet wants to claim victim status,” and I couldn’t agree more.

This is a woman who reportedly bullied her teammates into protesting this incredible nation’s national anthem. She dropped the American flag on the ground and stepped on it while celebrating her World Cup… like, who plays for their country and then disrespects it like that?

She also ruined Victoria’s Secret. She legitimately ruined this great American institution. But sure, give her a medal, Biden. At least he managed to get it on, even if it took a hot second or two.

H/T: Daily Caller

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