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Watch: Video Captures Moment Pence Saw House Resolution Urging Him to Invoke 25th Amendment

Independent filmmaker Alex Holder claims his Discovery+ docuseries, “Unprecedented,” captures former Vice President Mike Pence reading a Nancy Pelosi email.

CNN aired an excerpt that showed Pence view his phone after an aide passed it to him while Holder was taping him. Holder declared the former vice president read Speaker Pelosi’s email with the resolution from the House to enforce the 25th Amendment. Pence remarks, “Excellent,” before instructing a White House staffer to print out a hard copy for him to view later.

Pence denied Holder’s version of that day’s events.

“In the documentary, Vice President Pence was reacting to a confirmation that his letter was sent to Speaker Pelosi rejecting her ploy to invoke 25th amendment,” the Pence spokesman said.

Trump’s second-in-command notes the time of the email — 7:48 — in the video, which the CNN report confirmed was the exact time the White House press office sent out Pence’s letter that evening.

Despite denials from the Pence team and the timing of the email noted in the video, the independent filmmaker stubbornly insists his version of events is the truth.

“For me, after having seen the sort of the public hearings and seeing the materials that had been presented, and me sort of having known the material we had, re: the events of January 6th,” Holder explained about his decision to share election videos he produced with the House J6 Committee. “It didn’t sort of make sense to make a stand to not give it to them.”

Holder claims he saw the seal of the Speaker of the House at the top of the document viewed by Pence during his filming, according to a Washington Examiner report.

“Our director of photography also saw it as well,” he added. “At the time, I knew there was something that had happened, then afterwards, we then confirmed it.”

It is difficult to understand how Holder or his photography director could have recognized the origin of the correspondence viewed by the former vice president. His mobile device does not have a large screen and neither member of the production crew may be viewed standing next to or behind Pence while he view it.

There is a small chance they saw and recognized an email from Pelosi on Pence’s phone.

What a promotion for an independently produced film — scheduled for a summer release — than a seeming smoking gun theory for anti-Trumpers!

“I think at the beginning of the week, I started with 112 followers on Twitter, which the majority of them were my family,” said Holder in a Saturday Deadline report, “and by the end of the week, I think I have 35,000.” The report noted the little video clip they released has more than 3 million views.

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