Watch: Victor Davis Hanson Warns ‘Bicoastal Snarky Elites’ of a ‘Revolt’ in Midterms: ‘Nobody Likes Them’ - Tucker
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Watch: Victor Davis Hanson Warns ‘Bicoastal Snarky Elites’ of a ‘Revolt’ in Midterms: ‘Nobody Likes Them’

A historian informed Fox News host Tucker Carlson Friday that traditional voters Democrats take for granted will cast revolt votes.

“They’ve brought people together, Tucker,” Victor Hanson told Carlson, referring to snarky coastal elites. “There’s a new ecumenical movement of African American males, Hispanics and the white working class that detest these bicoastal elites and are starting to look in class concerns rather than these racial differences. Just the antipathy towards these left-wing elites has created a consensus that I haven’t seen in my lifetime, and I think that we’ll be shocked next Tuesday when it roars.”

“It’s gonna be a mouse and it’s gonna roar,” he continued. “They’re not ready for it, and that’s why they’re panicking. They don’t know what to do.”

Hanson’s sentiments mirror recent remarks by a pair of pollsters.

“We consistently see where the African American vote, about 20 percent or more, are going for Republican candidates,” Matt Towery, chairman of InsiderAdvantage, told Sean Hannity. Towery was discussing poll results for Georgia and Pennsylvania, two states which could prove pivotal to control of the Senate.

“When it comes to either Hispanic, Latino or what we call other, sometimes it’s 60-something percent for the Republican,” Towery continued. “These are things that we’ve never seen before. I’ve never seen Republican candidates getting 20 percent of the African American vote this close to an election. I certainly have never seen Hispanic, Latinos or other races trending Republican like I’m seeing in this particular year.”

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Democrats got a wake-up call in Texas during a June special election that saw a Republican win a House seat in a district President Joe Biden carried by 13 points. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) declared Democrats were “privately panicking” about Hispanic voters supporting Republican candidates, according to a Daily Wire report.

Robert Cahaly of Trafalgar, a polling company, noted Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA) and Republican Senate nominees Dr. Mehmet Oz of Pennsylvania and Herschel Walker of Georgia were resonating with black voters.

“The two states you mentioned are particularly interesting, with Walker doing 23 percent among black voters. Governor Kemp is doing 20,” Cahaly said. “What is really fascinating how well Oz is doing. We’ve got Oz in the 30s and the only one in the country breaking 20 percent with African American women.”

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