Watch: Texas Woman Gives Kidney to Stranger in New Jersey: ‘Forever Grateful’ - Tucker
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Watch: Texas Woman Gives Kidney to Stranger in New Jersey: ‘Forever Grateful’

When Roy McIntosh’s wife shared a prayer request to the Facebook group called The Laughing Christian in December, she had no idea it was going to change everything, CBN News reported Wednesday.

“Please pray for my husband that God sends a type B+ living kidney donor to him,” the post said, adding, “We believe in God for a miracle. Please pray for him.”

Meanwhile, over 1,700 miles away in Texas a military wife saw the post and knew it was meant for her.

Heather Shaefer said, “Somehow I just knew I had a part to play. So, I messaged the lady about 30 minutes later and wrote, ‘I am B+ [blood type] and I’d like to look into if I can donate my kidney.’”

Months of tests went by and it was finally determined they were a perfect match. McIntosh received the kidney he needed on June 8, according to the Press of Atlantic City. Now he no longer has to endure the taxing dialysis treatments.

Rev. Franklin Graham commented on the story Friday saying there was power in prayer.

“Let’s join these families in thanking God for this miracle,” he wrote.

Video footage showed the families meeting after the surgery.

“We love Heather and we are forever grateful,” McIntosh said of his donor.

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