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Watch: Ten-Year-Old Honored for Saving Child from Drowning

Ten-year-old Floyd Karrer had been working over the summer on holding his breath long enough to reach the bottom of the pool’s deep end, WTHR reported Thursday.

Early in the season, Floyd went for a dip at a pool near Holliday Park with his father, Paul Karrer.

When the pair took a breather, Floyd noticed a boy a little older than himself had just cannonballed into the water. Moments later, other children were saying there was a ball on the pool’s floor.

But according to Floyd, the onlookers then said it was not a ball, but the boy.

When he realized what was happening, Floyd immediately dove into the water and made it to the bottom of the deep end where the child was nine feet underwater, unconscious.

“When he did come up and had the boy, I was in shock,” Paul recalled of the incident, adding, “There was no ‘there’ in his eyes. He was gone.”

However, after Floyd pulled the boy out of the water, his father performed CPR while others sought help. It was not long before emergency crews arrived and took the boy to a hospital.

The family was later told the child was going to recover from the ordeal.

“If he’s starting at 10 years old, I can’t imagine how many other people he’ll help,” Paul noted.


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