Watch: Russell Brand Rants Against The ‘Great Reset,’ Green Energy ‘Agenda’: ‘Trying to F*** Up Ordinary People’ - Tucker
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Watch: Russell Brand Rants Against The ‘Great Reset,’ Green Energy ‘Agenda’: ‘Trying to F*** Up Ordinary People’

Russell Brand is sounding the alarm on the green energy movement and farmer revolts in Europe, claiming it’s all part of “The Great Reset.”

The British-born comedian spoke up about Bill Gates buying up farmland across the United States and how it’s affecting farmers during a recent episode of his podcast, “Under the Skin.”

The 47-year-old said people “should be respectful to the Earth … we believe in responsible energy,” but only to aid “ordinary people” and not “centralized power.”

While speaking about protests from Dutch farmers, the “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” star said, “This is connected to the land grab of Bill Gates. This is connected to corruption of companies like Monsanto. This whole fertilizer situation is a scam. They present it as a green ideology.”

“‘Oh, we can’t keep using these fertilizers,’ And anyone who lives in the rural area will know that when those fertilizers get used, you think, ‘Oh God, this is a bit dodgy.’ But the reason that farmers are using those fertilizers is cause it’s necessary economically because of the pressure they’re under financially because of — often because of government-enforced imperatives,” Brand continued.

“The objective isn’t to get the farmers to behave in an organic, responsible ecologically apposite manner, no, far from it. It’s in order to bankrupt the farmers so that their land can be grabbed,” he said. “This shows you how ‘The Great Reset’ operates. It uses a green agenda. And just so you know, I agree with the green agenda. I think that the planet should be treated with love and respect that we should see ourselves as in harmony with it.”




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