Watch: NewsNation Anchor Presses Trump Lawyer on Releasing FBI Search Warrant: ‘Nothing Preventing You From Releasing It’ - Tucker
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Watch: NewsNation Anchor Presses Trump Lawyer on Releasing FBI Search Warrant: ‘Nothing Preventing You From Releasing It’

NewsNation Anchor Leland Vittert pressed one of former President Donald Trump’s attorneys, Christina Bobb on Friday on the topic of the release of the documents and search warrant in connection with the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

Vittert asked Bobb if Trump and his legal counsel will object to the release of the search warrant and seized evidence. Bobb responded they will not object, saying they have been unable to make contact with the Department of Justice regarding the reporting of information.

“You guys have a copy of the warrant and you’re given a receipt at the end of an FBI search warrant,” Vittert said. “Why wouldn’t you just release that yourselves?”

“This is part of the discussion with the Department of Justice, we’re trying to do everything in accordance with the law and the way that—”

“There’s absolutely nothing preventing you guys from releasing it, though,” he said.

“Other than decorum, we’re trying to work well with the Department of Justice, we’ve been cooperative this entire time and we would like to remain cooperative and have reached out to them and are waiting to hear back,” she responded.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland announced on Thursday that the Department of Justice had moved to unseal the search warrant. On Friday afternoon the warrant was unsealed, and it revealed that the FBI had collected 11 sets of documents that were labeled classified.

The former president supported the “immediate release” of the warrant and any documents relating to the raid in a Truth Social post Thursday. Upon their release, he said in another Truth Social post that the documents had been previously declassified.

Bobb said Trump’s counsel in Washington, D.C., had previously been subpoenaed for the release of any allegedly classified materials stored in the former president’s home, adding that a meeting at Mar-a-Lago took place in June to discuss whether the FBI would be permitted access to the storage facility and the documents.

The former president and his counsel told the FBI at the time that they could have access to his property and any documents they requested, she added.

Bobb also pushed back against Vittert’s claim that they did “not comply” with the subpoena, saying that Trump’s team turned over all the requested materials and that governmental authorities went to the “far extreme” of raiding the former president’s home, rather than reaching out to retrieve a requested document.

Bobb argued that the FBI and DOJ were being “overreaching” and “corrupt” for their raid on the residence. She warned that the agencies are doing this to average Americans. Trump accused the agencies of “prosecutorial misconduct” and political weaponization to prevent his reelection.

“The fact that it’s coming back on the FBI and the Department of Justice to show how corrupt and how overreaching they are, that I suppose could be a silver lining, but I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. And if anything, I think it highlights how extreme the FBI has become. If they’re doing this to Donald Trump, everybody says ‘oh, maybe they could do it to me.’ Now we can look back and say they probably were doing it to regular Americans. You don’t start at the top of the food chain, you work your way up.”

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