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Watch: Man in His Underwear Caught Sneaking Through Background of CNBC Live Shot

In a live segment of CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” viewers were caught more than a little off guard after a man in nothing but his underwear could be seen wandering around in the home of asset manager Karen Firestone.

The entire incident happened after dogs began barking on the broadcast, leading the hosts to make remarks about the sudden increase in noise.

“I see we have dogs as guests joining us, we appreciate that. Dog days of summer,” host Andrew Ross Sorkin said.

“Dogs of the Dow,” co-host Joe Kernen added.

Firestone began to apologize for the dogs, but Sorkin said, “Don’t be sorry, you know we love this. This is a live show, that’s what we enjoy.”

But moments later, a nearly naked man walked past the camera behind Firestone. Both the hosts have basically no reaction. It’s hard to tell if they just didn’t notice or if they were trying to avoid bringing attention to it.

Firestone, however, likely did, as she quickly breaks into a smile before suppressing it.


Nevertheless, the internet did, as it often does and was quick to start making memes and jokes at the unknown man’s expense.

“When that Taco Bell from the night before catches up to you,” wrote Barstool Sports.

“When your wife insists on using the whole house for her Zoom background,” tweeted another user, attaching a meme.

“Someone really needs to compile the best of the COVID-ERA video conference/zoom bloopers. There has to be some really good ones out there…” wrote a third.

I actually really like that idea.

We may never know what was going through that man’s head as he was booking it down the hallway, but I can’t imagine it was particularly pleasant. Still, it probably got CNBC better viewership than they’ve had in months, so all’s well that ends well I suppose.



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