Watch: John Bolton and Newsmax Host Eric Bolling Get Into Blowout: ‘Are You Out of Your Mind, Sir’ - Tucker
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Watch: John Bolton and Newsmax Host Eric Bolling Get Into Blowout: ‘Are You Out of Your Mind, Sir’

John Bolton was a loose cannon on the ship of state for several Republican presidents before being fired by Donald Trump. Bolton apparently has not moved past Trump terminating him, as evidenced by a book and editorial by him and a recent TV interview critical of Trump. Bolton had previously served as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.

Newsmax host Eric Bolling engaged in a screaming match with Bolton Thursday regarding Trump’s foreign policy. Bolling reminded Bolton of his 2020 ABC News interview when he opined the U.S. was in a “weaker position around the world” and believed the U.S. had “given up leadership in a wide variety of areas.”

The news reporter appeared to have difficulty believing the former Ambassador and National Security Advisor felt safer under President Joe Biden.

“Ambassador, under Biden, we have China threatening us, we have Russia threatening us, you have a $300,000 bounty on your head,” Bolling said. “How in the world could you think that we’re safer now than we were under President Trump when he was willing to put missiles into Syrian airbases with Russians on the base? What’s going on here, sir?”

“[Trump] didn’t understand fundamentally much of anything about international affairs,” Bolton responded. “His decisions were not based on a coherent philosophy or a coherent policy.”

The host interjected that the country had been safer, though, under Trump.

Bolton noted Trump was the president that signed the peace treaty with the Taliban, blaming Trump for the Afghanistan withdrawal.

“Did that make us safer, Eric?” Bolton asked with a sneer.

“You know what made us less safe,” Bolling replied, “is when Biden pulled us out of Afghanistan, 13 Americans died, and now the Taliban tells us, ‘Back off, don’t kill al-Qaida!’”

“Are you out of your mind, sir?”

“Same thing they would’ve done under Donald Trump,” Bolton responded, adding, “Who cut the deal, Eric?”

The two men began talking over one another. Bolton said, at one point, Bolling didn’t know what he was talking about and asked if he had read the deal brokered by Trump.

“Have you ever read the deal?” asked Bolton

“Oh stop!” Bolling responded.

“I know you gotta go,” Bolton riposted. “before you’re embarrassed even further,”

“I’m embarrassed?” exclaimed the incredulous reporter. “You’re embarrassed for not knowing what Trump was going to do and hiding behind some false narrative that Trump wasn’t prepared for foreign policy when we were safer for four years, sir.”

Bolling told Bolton it was “good having you on.”

“You’re hopeless, Eric,” was Bolton’s classy closing comment.

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