Watch: Fox News Host Throws a Jab at VP Harris’ Husband for Blocking Handicap Parking To Shop - Tucker
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Watch: Fox News Host Throws a Jab at VP Harris’ Husband for Blocking Handicap Parking To Shop

Vice President Harris said in August 2019: “When we ensure that Americans with disabilities are able to fully participate in our schools, workplaces, and in all aspects of our community, our country is stronger.” Evidently, the VP’s husband, Douglas Emhoff, didn’t get the memo, as his motorcade was filmed taking up several handicapped parking spaces last weekend.

Reporters filmed Emhoff exiting the store with several shopping bags in hand, speaking briefly to someone on the film crew who called out to him.

A report on Fox’s “Outnumbered” noted that “Emhoff even stopped to say hello to his fans.”

The Fox News host was later gently corrected when her cohost said, “By the way, I like how you said the media were his fans.” 

According to The Western Journal, Emhoff exchanged remarks with a presumed fan, “his Secret Service evidently deciding that the accommodation for the disabled didn’t apply to their protectee.”


The Journal noted that it is common for Secret Service protectees tp often rely on their detail to shop for them, and that it is “unclear why Emhoff decided it was necessary to travel to the luxury market himself, incurring additional difficulty and expense on members of the community.”

Fox News criticized the move with host Harris Faulkner commenting, “Just grab the privilege and ride it home, cowboy.” 

While denouncing what she called a “selfish move,” Faulkner added, “I really don’t think it was mean-spirited, but it is another thing that that is politically dangerous — it’s oblivious.”

The Journal noted that this is not the first time a federal protectee has used their Secret Service detail in a controversial way, noting that a neighborhood in Los Angeles was “swarmed with homeless encampments after Hunter Biden moved from a luxury rental home.” 

Evidently, Hunter’s Secret Service team had been keeping the homeless community out of the area, despite city, county, and state Democratic officials introducing legislation to accommodate the growing number of homeless camps and tent cities in the region.

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