Watch: Fox News Contributors Get Into Shouting Match Over FBI’s Treatment of Trump Versus Hillary Clinton - Tucker
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Watch: Fox News Contributors Get Into Shouting Match Over FBI’s Treatment of Trump Versus Hillary Clinton

Two Fox News contributors got into an argument over the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s treatment of former President Donald Trump when compared to Hillary Clinton in the wake of the raid on Trump’s Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago.

Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov argued the Republicans are “unfit” to regain control of Congress due to their reactions to the FBI’s raid on Trump’s home on Monday. Contributor Sean Duffy pushed back, arguing that Trump and Republicans have been targets of the FBI continually in manners spanning from the Russian collusion investigation to the unprecedented raiding of a former president’s home.

“To think that Donald Trump is being treated fairly,  I think Republicans have a long track record to go — no, the government and Democrats have not treated him fairly. And Jessica says this is about policy. You’re right, it is about policy,” Duffy responded. “Democrats have passed their agenda and their agenda has been horrible for the American people. Americans are getting crushed by the Democrat agenda.”

Tarlov brought up the fact that the former president stored classified information in 15 boxes that he took with him from the White House in Mar-a-Lago. The National Archives and Records Administration requested Trump and his associates to hand over the boxes of White House documents, leading them to obtain some “classified national security information,” sparking an investigation by the Department of Justice, according to The Wall Street Journal.

“It is breaking the law,” Tarlov said. “It matters.”

“Jessica, hold on a second. He has documents, papers in boxes. The Chinese and the Russians can’t access those boxes of information. But Hillary Clinton’s server is public to the world,” Duffy responded.

“Guess what, she was punished!” Tarlov shouted. “She lost the election.”

“No, she wasn’t punished,” Duffy hit back. “Did they raid her home?”

“They didn’t need to because she cooperated like a normal human being,” Tarlov claimed.

“No, she did not cooperate,” Duffy argued.

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It should be noted that the 15 boxes of documents had been returned to the National Archives and Records Administration back in January. The Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI executed the search warrant “in part because they believed additional classified information remained at the private club” but had no definitive proof of such.

Conversely, The FBI had opened two investigations into 30,000 deleted emails from Clinton’s private email server and her handling of classified information when she was Secretary of State. The first investigation ended with former FBI Director James Comey declining to recommend that Clinton be charged in the case. The FBI reopened the case in late October of 2016, 11 days before the election, to determine if newly discovered emails contained classified information.

Republican, and some Democratic, political figures have condemned the raid and accused the FBI and the Department of Justice of acting in a politically biased manner.



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