Watch: David Hogg Explodes During Congressional Hearing, Gets Forcibly Removed by Security - Tucker
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Watch: David Hogg Explodes During Congressional Hearing, Gets Forcibly Removed by Security

A former student of a school attacked by a gunman ranted rabidly against a congressman during a Judiciary Committee hearing.

House security members physically removed David Hogg from the hearing after he basically called Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., a terrorist-supporting racist. Hogg attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in 2018 when former student Nikolas Cruz killed 17 with a semiautomatic rifle. Hogg hid in a closet with other students until SWAT members led them from the classroom where they sheltered.

Hogg hogged the spotlight Wednesday when he interrupted the congressional debate about banning semiautomatic long guns.

“You are reiterating the points of mass shooters in your manifesto, the shooter in my high school, anti-Semitic, anti-black, and racist,” Hogg huffed melodramatically. “The shooter in El Paso described it as an invasion. Guess what? Those guns are coming from the United States of America.”


Biggs appeared later on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show where Carlson asked Biggs how big a deal it was to have a college student interrupt their hearing.

“So I found it interesting that … you were making, you know, people could disagree with the point you’re making, but it was kind of a logical one,” Carlson said. “He didn’t respond to a single point and just started screaming about racism.”

“Am I missing something?” Carlson asked. “Is that what it was?”

“Yeah, that’s exactly what it was,” Biggs responded. “I mean, he’s, he’s saying that I’m a terrorist manifesto totin’ conspiracy nut. And the reality is, all he wants is — he wants to get on TV and he wanted to advocate for a nutty position.”

The Arizona Republican explained that a number of congressional members reminded Democratic colleagues of their position that individuals who interrupt congressional proceedings are insurrectionists. Biggs added that police removed Hogg, who had been invited by Democrats, from the hearing after his outburst.

“He was invited there by the Democrats,” said Biggs adding, that’s what he was informed, “and so he’s trying to grift on this whole thing, it looks like, and he should probably be brought up on charges.”

“Where is that [January 6] committee when you need them?”



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