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Undercover Footage Allegedly Exposes Gruesome Details of D.C. Abortion Clinic Practices

Undercover footage recorded by pro-life activists allegedly shows an employee discussing the practices of an abortion clinic accused of using gruesome abortion techniques to end the lives of premie-sized babies.

Live Action President and Founder Lila Rose said in a statement Thursday that the footage shows that the Foggy Bottom based Washington Surgi-Clinic “is forcing mothers to take mind-altering medications before meeting with the abortionist and giving final consent.”

“This is a likely violation of basic medical ethics, and so the patient has filed a complaint with the DC medical board,” Rose said. “The footage also provides first-hand testimony that the Washington Surgi-Clinic may kill later-term babies without using a feticidal drug, increasing the chance that the babies would be born alive and then brutally and illegally killed.”

Live Action said that the undercover investigator in the video has also filed a medical complaint that asks the D.C. medical board to investigate both Washington Surgi-Clinic and Dr. Cesare Santangelo.


According to the Live Action video, the nurse said that the clinic does not give the unborn baby a lethal injection while in utero to make sure that the baby is dead before the abortionist removes the baby from the mother’s womb.

Live Action expressed fears in a release that this increases chances that the baby could be accidentally born alive.

“We don’t do the–a lot of people do the injection through the heart and all that,” the nurse allegedly told the Live Action investigator in the video. “We don’t do that here.”

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