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Trump Responds to Kellyanne Conway Claiming She Told Him That He Lost the 2020 Election

Kellyanne Conway became the first woman to manage a winning presidential campaign when she helped Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. Conway has written a book about her experience titled “Here’s the Deal,” which was released Tuesday.

Former President Donald Trump blew a gasket when he learned about one of the claims in his former campaign manager’s book.

“I may have been the first person Donald Trump trusted in his inner circle who told him that he had come up short this time,” wrote Mrs. Conway.

The 45th president promptly lashed out in a Thursday post on Truth Social to balance Conway’s remarks.

“Kellyanne Conway never told me she thought we lost the election,” Trump commented. “If she had I wouldn’t have dealt with her any longer — she would have been wrong — could go back to her crazy husband.” Trump was referring to her husband, George Conway, a vocal conservative critic of the former president. Mr. Conway  eventually helped found the Lincoln Project — designed to prevent Trump’s reelection in 2020.

“​Writing books can make people say some very strange things,” Trump continued. “I wonder why? Got 12 million more votes than we did the first time, the most votes, by far, of any sitting President. The election was RIGGED. They used COVID to cheat and steal, and the evidence is massive and indisputable​.”

Mrs. Conway talks about the conflict her husband caused with her work through his anti-Trump activism and remarks. She is not sure the marriage can survive. She left the White House a few months before the 2020 election, but she was one of the earliest acolytes of Trump’s MAGA movement along with Ann Coulter.

Ms. Coulter wrote an introduction for Conway’s book. Coulter was memorably mocked when she told Bill Maher that Trump was the most likely candidate to become the next president. The May episode of “Real Time With Bill Maher” was before the primaries were over. At that time, few people even expected the brash New York billionaire to secure the party’s nomination.

A New York Times review of the book doubts the 512-page Kellyanne Conway offering tells the whole story. The book critic expects at least one more Conway novel about the Trump years.

A former president probably cannot wait for the sequel.

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