Trump Goes After Liz Cheney Before Primary Polls Even Open: ‘You’re Fired’ - Tucker
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Trump Goes After Liz Cheney Before Primary Polls Even Open: ‘You’re Fired’

As polls mark an increasingly worse defeat looming for Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), former President Donald Trump took a small dig at the embattled rep with his signature phrase: “You’re fired.”

“This is your chance to send a message to the RINOs and the fake news media, the radical left lunatics, that we have unfortunately too many in our country, and you’re going to elect Harriet, and you’re going to tell warmonger Liz Cheney – so bad, so negative – Liz, you’re fired,” Trump told viewers at a digital rally for his endorsed candidate, Harriet Hageman on Monday.

Trump made similar comments back in May in a rally in the state. “The people of Wyoming are going to tell her ‘Liz, you’re fired, get out of here,’” the former president proclaimed to widespread applause.

RINO, an acronym meaning Republican In Name Only, is used to describe those Republicans who often vote along lines with Democrats and against other Republicans.

Last week, a new poll for the upcoming election put Hageman, a former staffer for Cheney, 29 points ahead of the incumbent representative, who has served on the January 6 Select Committee as one of two Republicans, the other being Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL).

The former president had previously called the race “one of the most critical primary elections in the history of our country” and claimed the “whole world” was watching it, calling Hageman “a friend” and a “person I have gotten to know very well”.

“Few members of Congress in history have personally caused more damage to our republic than Liz Cheney,” Trump said in may, adding that she is “phony” and her take on the January 6 incident was a “grotesquely false and fabricated hysterical partisan narrative”.

“The Democrats use her for sound bites, they like to say ‘Republican Liz Cheney’ and then they go into these horrendous anti-Republican, anti-country sound bites. It’s been a disaster,” he continued.

“She’s aided and abetted the radical Democrat Party in their unhinged, lawless and dangerous witchhunt — a witchhunt that never ends,” the former president said.

Cheney has said that her crusade to stop Donald Trump will continue even if she loses the primary.

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