Trump Announces ‘Endorsement’ of Impeachment Manager, Other New York Democrats in Sarcastic Posts - Tucker
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Trump Announces ‘Endorsement’ of Impeachment Manager, Other New York Democrats in Sarcastic Posts

Former President Donald Trump made a pair of sarcastic endorsements on Wednesday, stating that he “Strongly Endorse[d]” impeachment manager Dan Goldman and Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY).

“Lawyer Dan Goldman is running for Congress, NY-10, and it is my great honor to Strongly Endorse him,” Trump wrote in a Truth Social post Wednesday evening. Goldman represented Democrats in the first impeachment trial of Trump and is running to represent a district that includes part of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

“I do this not because of the fact that he headed up the Impeachment Committee and lost, but because he was honorable, fair, and highly intelligent. While it was my honor to beat him, and beat him badly, Dan Goldman has a wonderful future ahead,” the post continued.

“He will be very compassionate and compromising to those within the Republican Party, and will do everything possible to make sure they have a fair chance at winning against the Radical Left Democrats, who he knows are destroying our Country,” Trump wrote in a follow-up post. “I would like to thank Dan for fighting so hard for America, and for working so tirelessly to stop ‘Trump.’ He was not easy to beat, but winning against him made me realize just how very talented I am!”

The New York Times last weekend endorsed Goldman over other candidates, including current Rep. Mondaire Jones. Goldman received the endorsement from the Times in part because: “Thanks to his work on the impeachment trial, he already has close working relationships in Washington — an advantage that should help him deliver on the issues most important to New Yorkers, even as a new member of Congress.”

However, the endorsement received significant pushback from many Democrats after it was revealed that Goldman had ties to the Sulzberger family that has owned and run the New York Times for six generations.

Goldman wasn’t the only one at the top of Trump’s endorsements though, as the former President went on to endorse Carolyn Maloney, a candidate in another area of New York City.

“A vote for Carolyn Maloney in NY-12 is a vote for the future!” Trump’s post began. “She is a kind and wonderful person, who has always said terrific things about me, and will support me no matter what I do, just as I supported her very early on. She begged for a check with no quid pro quo, and I gave it to her. In fact, I gave her many.”

Maloney took money from Trump in the 1990s and 2000s, refusing to reimburse the funds after Trump became president. “Those decades-old donations were made and spent at the time to re-elect Democrats, as intended,” Maloney said of the donations.

Trump went on to discuss Maloney’s opponent, sitting congressman Jerry Nadler, who is in the running against Maloney due to redistricting.

“On the other hand, Jerry Nadler is likewise a hard driving man of the people, whose energy and attention to detail is unlike anyone else in Congress,” Trump wrote. “He is high energy, sharp, quick wittted, and bright. You can’t go wrong with either, but Carolyn Maloney is the better man. She will lead our Country into a very GREEN and prosperous future. Carolyn has my Complete and Total Endorsement, she will never let our Conservative Movement down!”

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