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‘The Terminal List’ Is The Most-Watched Series On Amazon

Fans love “The Terminal List.”

The show’s official Instagram page announced that it’s the most-watched series on Amazon right now. You can check out the post celebrating the insane success of “The Terminal List” below.

It’s a great sign that “The Terminal List” is crushing it. The show isn’t woke at all, and I’ve said many times that if shows focused on just being fun over being woke, people would respond.

The series based on a book from former Navy SEAL Jack Carr is violent, incredibly dark, gritty, suspenseful and an adrenaline-filled ride from start to finish.

Again, if you make content that is simply a ton of fun, people are going to watch and enjoy it. From the opening of “The Terminal List” through the closing scene, it’s an absolute blast.

Bodies fall and people get lit up as James Reece (Pratt) is on the hunt for revenge and the truth as a grand conspiracy is uncovered.

What more could you want?

If you haven’t already checked out “The Terminal List” on Amazon, I can’t recommend it enough!


H/T: Daily Caller


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