Supreme Court Grants Jan. 6 Committee Access to Phone Records of Arizona GOP Chair - Tucker
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Supreme Court Grants Jan. 6 Committee Access to Phone Records of Arizona GOP Chair

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the House Jan. 6 Committee can access the phone records of Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward.

The decision is an apparent legal setback for former President Donald Trump, who has argued that the Committee is hyperpartisan and guilty of leading a multimillion dollar “witch hunt.”

Former GOP Chair Kelli Ward was a confidant and adviser to Trump in days after the election in which the president contested election results in several swing states after the 2020 election.

The court announced the decision on Monday morning. Politico reported:

“The justices, with noted opposition from Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, denied Ward’s emergency motion to block the panel from enforcing a subpoena against T-Mobile to obtain Ward’s records.”

Politico’s report added: “The panel is seeking evidence related to Ward’s coordination with Trump and his allies to assemble a slate of fake presidential electors intended to help disrupt the transfer of power on Jan. 6, 2021. Ward, who served as one of those pro-Trump electors, pleaded the Fifth when interviewed by the panel in March.”

Polls show that the House Jan. 6 Committee has yet to effectively change opinions, and most Americans want the matter wrapped up soon.

The U.K.’s reported that the Committee formally withdrew its subpoena for fundraising information from the Republican National Committee and former President Donald Trump.

Reportedly, the Committee feared a court would uphold Republican objections to the subpoena. Sources familiar with the situation who spoke to The Washington Post noted that “lawyers for the RNC and software vendor Salesforce were informed last week of the Committee’s withdrawal of the subpoena,” according to The Conservative Brief.

The reported: “The subpoena issued earlier this year sought records from Salesforce on the performance metrics and analytics related to email campaigns from Donald Trump, his reelection campaign and the RNC. It comes as the panel prepares for at least one more hearing this month.”

The Conservative Brief noted that Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, who is one of two Republicans on the Committee — both of who are noted anti-Trumpers — claimed that “fundraising done by Trump after the 2020 election was somehow concerning to the committee.”

Without substantiating his claim, Kinzinger told NBC’s “Meet the Press”: “The fact that the vast majority of this money was raised under ‘Stop the Steal’ with no intention to ‘stop the steal.’”

Left-friendly MSN noted that the work of the Committee has been a “complete and total failure.”

The Conservative Brief reported how in October, a focus group “shut down an MSNBC host” when discussing common claims made by the Committee. Panelists “pushed back on Democrat talking points” and were critical of the Committee’s references to an “insurrection” as video showed “Capitol officers … taking away barriers and unlocking doors.”

The Western Journal added:

Other focus group members agreed with his statement and pointed out other inconsistencies not seen in establishment media reports about the events that day. The group unanimously agreed that given Mastriano’s actions on Jan. 6 were not violent, he should still be able to run for office with no problems.

One woman noted that the only person to be killed during the Capitol incursion was Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed female protester and U.S. military veteran who was shot to death by a Capitol Police officer.

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