Superstar Brad Pitt Channels Grandma Vibes In Latest Red Carpet Look. Has He Given Up? - Tucker
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Superstar Brad Pitt Channels Grandma Vibes In Latest Red Carpet Look. Has He Given Up?

Let’s just cut to the chase here: superstar actor Brad Pitt wore your grandma’s clothes to the premiere of his film “Bullet Train.”

While other outlets are writing things like “Oh mY gOD loOk At HIs sKiRt,” I’ve just been staring at the once-heartthrob’s choice of skirt, cardigan, boots, and shirt combo. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a ball gown, sweats, or a bikini — this shade of brown can only be described as sh*t-stains.

What were you thinking, Brad Pitt? You were my first-ever crush (according to my mother), and now you’re wearing something not even my dead grandma would be seen ever-deader in. Did no one tell you the lyrics to “Thrift Shop” by “Macklemore” (“I’ma take your grandpa’s style / No, for real, ask your grandpa, can I have his hand-me-downs?”) reference grandfathers, not dowdy grandmas or someone’s alcoholic spinster aunt who smells like cowboy killers and moth balls?

Even Harry Styles had the balls to really lean into wearing women’s clothes, and went with a far-fancied, high-fashion option in his Vogue spread. But this whole vibe just tells me that Brad Pitt has officially given up.

In all fairness, though, as someone who reaches the point of giving up every few hours or so, I completely understand Brad’s mindset. He’s had a prolific career for decades. Most of his best work is probably behind him.

He’s gone through two marriages, has a bunch of kids, and loads of money: why should he care about dressing like a f**king grannie? Sean Penn might think he’s a coward, though.


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