Staten Island Shopper Describes Moment She Was Standing ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ With Rudy Giuliani as He Was Hit by Grocery Store Worker - Tucker
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Staten Island Shopper Describes Moment She Was Standing ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ With Rudy Giuliani as He Was Hit by Grocery Store Worker

A New York shopper has spoken about her experience standing next to former mayor Rudy Giuliani when he was ‘attacked’ by a worker at a Staten Island supermarket on Sunday afternoon.

Drita Rugov was standing next to Giuliani, who had agreed to pose for a photograph with her, when out of nowhere a 39-year-old store employee slapped the 78-year-old on the back.

Rugov claims that the slap was so hard she felt it too.

‘It happened so quickly. I mean I was shoulder to shoulder with Giuliani and I could’ve been hit. Never mind me, I just felt bad for Giuliani. He hit him so hard that I felt it.’

Speaking to she said that she felt sorry for the former New York mayor and said that he did not deserve the treatment he received simply because of his political views or affiliation.

‘I was doing my normal usual grocery shopping here in ShopRite when I happened to see the former Mayor Giuliani in there. I went up to him to say “hello” and I wanted to take a photo with him. I was getting ready to take this photo when a gentleman that works here hit him open handedly in the back, closer to his neck and said to him “Hey you f***ing scumbag!”‘ Rugov explained.

‘Number one he’s a senior citizen and no matter what his political views are, nobody should be hit. He went to use the men’s room and then this gentleman obviously isn’t happy with Giuliani and decided to assault him, so the gentleman was arrested,’ Rugov continued.

‘I am a regular shopper here and I’ve seen that employee in here. I’ve never had words with him or anything. I’m actually stunned that gentleman did that especially knowing all the staff are nice and the owner’s are nice to everybody,’ Rugova said.

The employee was promptly escorted out by security and arrested. He now faces a charge of second-degree assault.

Giuliani was in Staten Island to show support for his son Andrew, who is a gubernatorial candidate and standing for election in the Republican primary this Tuesday.

‘I come out of the men’s room and a group of people are around me, hugging me and kissing. All the sudden, I feel a shot on my back. Like somebody shot me!,’ he began.

‘I feel this tremendous pain in my back, and I’m thinking, what the — I didn’t even know what it was. All of a sudden, I hear this guy say, ‘You’re a f***ing scumbag,’ then he moves away so nobody can grab him.

‘I went forward but luckily I didn’t fall down. Lucky I’m a 78-year-old who’s in pretty good shape, cause if I wasn’t, I’d have hit the ground and probably cracked my skull  and then I look around and the guy says words I can’t repeat. ‘You f***in’ whatever!’

‘He moves away yelling and screaming, ‘You’re gonna kill women!”

‘You guys think you’re saving babies, but you’re gonna kill women,’ the worker, who faces assault charges continued to rage.

Giulinai said that he understood the comment to be about abortion rights and the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v Wade.

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