See It: Twitter Raises Question Over Picture of Biden During Speech: ‘What’s Going on With His Hand’ - Tucker
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See It: Twitter Raises Question Over Picture of Biden During Speech: ‘What’s Going on With His Hand’

President Joe Biden’s gaffe-filled week has prompted new questions about his health and mental fitness to serve as leader of the free world. 

In recent days Biden declared there are 54 states, confused Ukraine with Iraq during a speech, almost fell off a stage at a campaign event in Pennsylvania and stated during a speech in Florida that his son died in Iraq (he died of cancer in the states). Other concerns are for what some say are IV track marks on his hand.

The latest list of concerns follows Biden’s Tuesday trip to Florida to stump for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist and senatorial candidate Val Demings.   

While in Florida, Biden attempted to paint GOP leaders as “extremely extreme,” according to the Western Journal.  

“This ain’t your father’s Republican Party,” Biden told an audience in Fort Lauderdale. “This is a different deal right now.”

But according to the Journal, the headlines followed Biden’s speech in Golden Beach, Florida, where he blasted Republicans for “not being apologetic enough about the attack on Paul Pelosi.” 

While speaking in Florida, Biden referred to Ukraine as Iraq and claimed his son Beau died there — both statements are incorrect.

Health concerns were raised after The Hill posted a photo of Biden holding up his hand, during the speech, with marks that appear to indicate an infection and recent use of an IV.

Many took to Twitter to share their thoughts:

The Journal presented a harsh assessment of the situation:

“The real issue here is that nobody seems to think the Biden administration is on the level about the guy … at the wheel. … White House officials are propping up an empty suit until they can figure out how to move on from the man inside it or the Kamala Harris debacle.”

The Hill also published their concerns in a recent article titled, “Is a 25th Amendment Removal in Joe Biden’s Future?”

The Journal noted that America deserves more transparency regarding the mental and physical fitness of the commander in chief. 

“If the administration wants to allay these fears and stop people from talking about Biden’s health, it can start by being transparent about his medical condition. Absent that kind of transparency, expect this kind of talk to continue all the way through the midterms and until the 2024 election.” 

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