Report: Vladimir Putin ‘Does Have Parkinson’s and Pancreatic Cancer, Leaked Kremlin Spy Documents Claim’ - Tucker
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Report: Vladimir Putin ‘Does Have Parkinson’s and Pancreatic Cancer, Leaked Kremlin Spy Documents Claim’

According to a report in the Daily Mail, Russian President Vladimir Putin has early-stage Parkinson’s disease and pancreatic cancer. Speculation regarding Putin’s health has swirled for months. Leaked “spy documents” represent the latest unverified claim about Putin’s failing health.

Fueling rumors are Putin’s multiple unscheduled and unexplained leaves of absence, video of the president appearing unsteady or twitching and the unusual gripping of furniture when meeting with government officials.

Strong denials by communist media outlets have met questions about Putin’s health. However, according to The Sun, emails provided by a Russian intelligence source “appear to confirm the 70-year-old has been diagnosed with cancer and Parkinson’s.”

The leaked emails reportedly read:

“I can confirm he has been diagnosed with early stage Parkinson’s disease, but it’s already progressing. This fact will be denied in every possible way and hidden.

“Putin is regularly stuffed with all kinds of heavy steroids and innovative painkilling injections to stop the spread of pancreatic cancer he was recently diagnosed with.

“It not only causes a lot of pain, Putin has a state of puffiness of the face and other side effects – including memory lapses.

“In his close circle, there are rumors that in addition to pancreatic cancer, which is gradually spreading, Putin also has prostate cancer.”

The Sun recently posted pictures of Putin in public — showing what appeared to be track marks from IV treatment on the back of his hand. For some in Ukraine, rumors of Putin’s poor health have sparked hope that their chief foe could soon relinquish power.

Telegram channel General SVR also claims that Putin has cancer and Parkinson’s. Last week, the channel reported that Putin’s relatives are concerned about the president’s coughing fits, constant nausea and lack of appetite.

The channel, reportedly coordinated by an exiled Kremlin lieutenant general, has also claimed that Putin has been diagnosed with abdominal cancer, Parkinson’s disease and a schizoaffective disorder.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov attempted to put an end to health rumors about Putin’s health, referring to the rumors as “nothing but fakes.”

In what appears to be a ramp-up to an escalation in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Russia has ordered the evacuation of tens of thousands of civilians in territory that Ukraine claims.

The Daily Mail reports that “up to 70,000 residents in the Russian-controlled eastern bank of the Dnipro River in Kherson have been told to flee their homes because of imminent danger.”

Both sides in the conflict have warned that a “dirty bomb” may be detonated in the coming days. Other unconfirmed reports include a threat of a missile strike on a hydroelectric station in the Kherson area — ostensibly to flood the area.

Ukraine claims Russia’s forced evacuations represent a war crime because “civilians are being forcibly deported from occupied territory.”

Russia asserts it lawfully annexed the area and is now taking precautions to ensure the safety of civilians who are at risk because Ukraine may use unconventional weapons.

Vladimir Saldo, the Russian-installed head of occupied Kherson province, presented the order in a video message:

“Due to the possibility of the use of prohibited methods of war by the Ukrainian regime, as well as information that Kyiv is preparing a massive missile strike on the Kakhovka hydroelectric station, there is an immediate danger of the Kherson region being flooded. Given the situation, I have decided to expand the evacuation zone by 15 km from the Dnipro.”

Saldo added: “The decision will make it possible to create a layered defense in order to repel Ukrainian attacks and protect civilians.”

International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Rafael Grossi said the inspections for evidence of a so-called dirty bomb, requested by Kyiv in the wake of the unsubstantiated Russian allegations, would be completed soon.

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