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‘Reacher’ Dominates Amazon’s Streaming Viewership Data

People love the Amazon series “Reacher.”

The hit series based on the Lee Child books was watched for 5.76 billion minutes during a six-week run in Neilsen’s top 10 streaming rankings, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Those viewership numbers made it Amazon’s most successful original show.

Am I surprised that “Reacher” has become such a smashing success on Amazon? Not at all. We’re seeing a major shift in entertainment right now.

We’re seeing more and more shows abandon woke values in favor of fun entertainment. Ever since the unreal success of “Yellowstone,” networks have realized that fans just want to be taken for an awesome ride.

That’s all “Reacher” is, and the show does it incredibly well. It’s self-aware, and in modern entertainment, that’s the most valuable thing to be.

It’s not trying to be serious or push an agenda. It’s just about Reacher taking out the bad guys and solving mysteries.

You know a show is great whenever it’s streamed for more than five billion minutes during a six-week run, and fans have clearly responded to the vibe of “Reacher.” Trust me, it’s great and you should all be watching if you’re not already. You can thank me later!


H/T: Daily Caller


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