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PBS, NBC Reporter Accused of Illegally Voting in Florida

Mrs. Yamiche Alcindor married Mr. Nathaniel Cline, a writer and journalist working the D.C. area, in March of 2018. Unsurprisingly for a married couple, Alcindor and Cline live together at 1799 Sycamore in Washington, D.C., which is a rental property where Alcindor and Cline live with Ms. Lisa Mallory. A nonprofit government oversight group accused reporter Yamiche Alcindor of illegally voting in Florida while legally domiciled in Washington, D.C.

The American Accountability Foundation last week filed a complaint against Alcindor, claiming she illegally voted in Florida elections. “Mrs. Alcindor is currently an active voter registered in Broward County at 12932 SW 28th Court, Miramar,” stated AAF President Thomas Jones. “As records from the Broward County Board of Elections show, Mrs. Alcindor voted by mail in the 2020 General Election and Presidential Preference Elections.”

Mr. and Mrs. Alcindor reside at 1799 Sycamore Court, Washington, D.C., and show evidence they consider that their permanent home, Jones claimed. He noted a January 13, 2017, Twitter post in which she informed her followers D.C. was her new permanent home.

“Some news: I moved to DC this week to cover social safety net issues and how Trump’s administration impacts everyday people’s lives,” the reporter proclaimed in her tweet. She currently has 1.2 million followers.

A professional journalist could have drafted her tweet language to make it clear if she was only “temporarily” moving to the District of Columbia while remaining a permanent resident of Florida. But Alcindor said she “moved to DC.”

The reporter is married to Nathaniel Cline, a D.C. journalist working the D.C. area, and they live in their Sycamore St. rental in D.C. with Lisa Mallory, according to a campaign filing form. Cline is an active registered Democratic Party voter with his address listed as the couple’s Sycamore St. residence.

His continued presence in D.C., and being a registered voter at their home address, along with Alcindor’s public statements lead AFF to believe she is illegally registered as a Florida voter.

“If one assumes that Mrs. Alcindor and Mr. Cline are happily married spouses who intend to live together for the remainder of their lives, how can Mr. Cline believe that their permanent residence is 1799 Sycamore in the District of Columbia while Mrs. Alcindor supposedly believes it is 12932 SW 28th Court in Miramar, Florida?” asks Jones.

An NBC News spokesperson claimed she had not broken any laws, according to a Federalist report.

“Yamiche’s legal residence is in the state of Florida — the only state where she votes — and she complies with state voting laws and absentee voting guidelines,” the spokesperson said.

The NBC spokesperson did not explain why Alcindor and her husband who resides and votes in Washington, D.C., are legal residents of different states, or show proof she retains her Florida residency.

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