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PA Poll: Surging Republican Mehmet Oz Catches Democrat John Fetterman in Senate Race

Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate race is officially a dead heat as Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz is tied with Democrat Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, according to a poll.

The Insider Advantage poll sponsored by Fox 29 was released Thursday and shows Oz and Fetterman are equally splitting likely voter support at 46 percent apiece. For months, Oz has trailed the radical Democrat but has made consistent and steady gains, finally catching him in this latest poll; he will look to ride the momentum in with Election Day just under three weeks away. Just two percent of respondents support Libertarian Erik Gerhardt, while 1.4 percent support another candidate. Five percent of participants are undecided:

The Republican doctor holds a substantial 22-point lead over Fetterman among independents. He has 52 percent of unaffiliated voters’ support, while Fetterman barely breaks the 30 percent threshold. Another ten percent of the key dimorphic are undecided, which bodes well for Oz if they follow the trend of independents who have already made up their minds. 

“Oz is also picking an unusually high 14% of the African American vote and Asians and Hispanics prefer Oz say they are voting for Oz by a wide margin,” Insider Advantage chairman Matt Towery said. “Fetterman continues to enjoy a ten-point lead among female voters, while men prefer Oz at that same rate.” 

The poll also focused on the governor’s race, finding that Democrat Attorney General Josh Shapiro leads Republican State Sen. Doug Mastriano by seven points. Of the respondents, 49 percent are backing Shapiro, while 42 percent support Mastriano. Matt Hackenburg, the Liberation candidate in the race, received just two percent of the response, and another six percent are undecided. 

However, the Republican does have a pronounced lead with independents at 48 percent to Shapiro’s 30 percent, and like Oz, 14 percent of black voters support Mastriano. 

“The race for Governor of Pennsylvania has tightened with Shapiro back under the 50% he enjoyed in our previous survey,” Towery explained. “Mastriano has gained among independent voters who are breaking his way by nearly 18 points.”

The poll sampled 550 likely voters on October 19 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.2 percentage points. 

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