Newsom to DeSantis: ‘Stop Being a Bully, Stop Belittling People’ - Tucker
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Newsom to DeSantis: ‘Stop Being a Bully, Stop Belittling People’

Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) Sunday on Los Angeles TV KTTV’s “The Issue Is” demanded that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) “stop being a bully.”

Anchor Elex Michealson asked, “An ad came out about Ron DeSantis from your reelection campaign, an ad that aired in Florida …What was behind that the idea there and for people that say it looks like you’re running for president because you’re running that. What do you say?”

Newsom said, “That was an ad from a frustrated father of four, a son whose mom worked to raise money for aid to adoption of special kids, someone who works to get people with intellectual disabilities in positions of influence in state government who was disgusted by the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis for attacking the Special Olympics and threatening them with tens of millions of dollars in fines. I couldn’t take it anymore. He’s going after the gays, going after people, othering people across the spectrum, going after vulnerable minorities. I can’t take it.”

Michealson asked, “Have you ever met Ron DeSantis or talked to him? What would you say to him?”

Newsom said, “Stop being a bully, stop belittling people that look differently, act differently, love differently. Who the hell are you? Stop. Stop threatening people.”


H/T: BreitBart


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