Musk Trolls AOC, Liberal Journalists Who Panicked Over End of Twitter: ‘The Best People Are Staying’ - Tucker
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Musk Trolls AOC, Liberal Journalists Who Panicked Over End of Twitter: ‘The Best People Are Staying’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) seems as fascinated by billionaire Elon Musk as Jim Acosta was with former President Donald Trump. The New York congresswoman is constantly bashing him on Twitter, even after he became Twitter’s owner.

The darling of the Democratic Party took umbrage with an email Musk reportedly issued to Twitter employees. Musk’s mail said the company will need to work hardcore from now on and instructed employees to either agree by Thursday or get severance pay.

“This will mean working long hours at high intensity,” he said, according to a Washington Post report. “Only exceptional performance will constitute a passing grade.”

Ocasio-Cortez railed against Musk’s message to Twitter employees, venting her disapproval on Twitter.

“Shout out to all the workers at Twitter,” the congresswoman commented in a Thursday evening post. “You all built a vital place for connection and deserved so much better. Millions of people appreciate the space you built and the hard work that went into it. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” the world’s richest man responded.

One follower asked in the discussion thread: “What about the ppl fired at Amazon, and google? Shoutout to them too?”

Another poster humorously tweeted a screen capture of a GoFundMe campaign to raise $8 to help Ocasio-Cortez stay on Twitter.

Then, there is the meme posted by the account @jonesville showing Musk looking out a window with the Venetian blinds opened. “Elon Musk watching the employees he just fired leave in the cars he just made,” the caption stated.

“Remember that time you chased Amazon out of New York and cost the state like a billion jobs?” conservative commentator Pete D’Abrosca enquired.

Musk chimed in with an amusing tidbit of information for the congresswoman to chew on.

“And … we just hit another all-time high in Twitter usage lol,” the Twitter owner remarked, adding in the following post, “Let that sink in.”

“Could all the people currently whining about ‘the death of Twitter’ since @elonmusk bought it… just leave Twitter?” asked British journalist Piers Morgan.

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