Moms Weigh in on Teachers Union Proposal: ‘Birthing Parent’ or ‘Mother’? - Tucker
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Moms Weigh in on Teachers Union Proposal: ‘Birthing Parent’ or ‘Mother’?

Moms in the Old Dominion shared whether they preferred to be called a “birthing parent” over “mother.”

“I personally prefer being called ‘mother.’ Not a ‘birthing parent,’” one woman said. “I birthed my child. I don’t want to be called a ‘birthing parent.’”

She added, however, that it was fine if someone wasn’t comfortable being called “mother.”

The National Education Association, the largest teachers union, proposed a resolution Wednesday that would change the word “mother” in contracts to “birthing parent” to be more inclusive to trans parents. The White House refused to comment on the consideration, which did not receive a vote.

Mothers gave Fox News mixed answers about their preference, with some criticizing the term “birthing parent,” while others praised it or said they were comfortable with it.

The “birthing parent” label “takes the specialness out of being a mom,” a Leesburg mother said.

But Margie, also of Leesburg, said: “I’m fine with that. Anything to make people feel comfortable.”

“Take down the walls,” she added. “Take down the barriers.”

And Thea, from Maryland, said she preferred to be called “mother,” but people should go by their own preference.

Linda, a mother who adopted two children, shared her distinct perspective.

“I would feel excluded by the children I adopted,” Linda told Fox News. “Is that an adoptive parent as well? Is that a surrogate parent as well?”

“What would constitute a birthing parent?” she continued, noting that the phrase, to her, sounds less inclusive.

Meanwhile, Robin, a mother of two, said: “Changing from mother to birthing parent sounds great. It doesn’t exclude anyone.”

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