Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Bill To Make Gender-Affirming Care for Transgender Youth a Felony - Tucker
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Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Bill To Make Gender-Affirming Care for Transgender Youth a Felony

Congresswoman Marjorie Greene (R-GA) introduced House legislation Friday to criminalize gender-transforming treatments she told Tucker Carlson she considers child abuse.

“When it comes to gender-affirming care, which is really child abuse, this is actually an assault and it’s child abuse,” Greene declared during her Thursday appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Her bill also blocks taxpayer-funding for gender-affirming procedures, bans colleges from teaching it and prohibits foreign aliens who commit those acts from entering the U.S., Greene remarked in a Thursday evening Twitter post.

Below her remarks, Greene retweeted an earlier post that included a clip of her and the Fox News host discussing her proposed bill.

Providing gender-affirming medical care to transgender minors will be a Class C felony, punishable by a maximum 25 years in prison, if Greene’s bill becomes law.

The Protect Children’s Innocence Act criminalizes more than a dozen medical interventions and procedures to treat gender dysphoria in transgender young people. Procedures facing a ban would include puberty blockers, hormone therapy and surgeries “for the purpose of changing the body of such individual to correspond to a sex that differs from their biological sex.”

The Georgia Republican also wants to prevent Obamacare plans from paying for such treatments.

The controversial congresswoman called the practices disgusting and appalling, opining they should be illegal.

“These kids are too young to make these awful decisions that will affect them and will be permanent for the rest of their lives,” Greene remarked.

In a Friday broadcast of The Hill TV’s “Rising Fridays,” Emily Jashinsky sounded surprised to partially agree with Greene.

“As much as I wouldn’t want to side with Marjorie Taylor Greene on certain things,” Jashinsky said, “I don’t think she’s broadly incorrect about this.”

She asked cohost Ryan Grim his thoughts about the newly introduced legislation.

“It doesn’t feel like the kind of thing that needs to be legislated,” Grim responded.

Greene obviously feels differently, hence her quixotic quest to pass legislation that will be anathema to the progressive wing of the House’s controlling Democratic majority.

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