Kellyane Conway Reveals What People Didn’t Ask During Trump’s Presidency That They Ask During Biden’s - Tucker
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Kellyane Conway Reveals What People Didn’t Ask During Trump’s Presidency That They Ask During Biden’s

Kellyanne Conway praised her former boss while bashing the current president during a Sunday radio show promoting her new book.

The woman who served as a counselor to former President Donald Trump began by noting her new book, “Here’s the Deal,” is number one on the New York Times Best Sellers’ list. “Which is not easy for a Conservative,” Conway noted.

Host John Catsimatidis asked Conway how she figured out who to believe when she first got to Washington, when Trump became the 45th president.

“It seems Washington wants Americans to believe what Washington says rather than what Americans see,” she responded, “and, we can only hope most Americans believe what they see.”

“She described how she and others in the Trump administration were called liars all the time and questions why media is not similarly dogging President Joe Biden. “There’s chaos and crisis wherever people look now and they know it.”

Catsimatidis noted that 2 1/2 billion free people around the world depend on President Biden to keep them free and asked if they should worry. The former presidential counselor replied they should be worried, given the rise of authoritarian states recently. She named China, North Korea and Russia.

“When people say, ‘I don’t think Putin would have invaded Ukraine if Donald Trump were president,’ let me tell you something: Donald Trump was president,” exclaimed Conway. “That’s why Vladimir Putin didn’t invade Ukraine.”

Conway remarked the U.S. should care about what happens in Ukraine, should care about a sovereign nation being invaded. She noted Trump was a strong leader who left no doubts who was in charge.

“Whatever people thought about Donald Trump, at the White House I worked in, nobody ever had to ask, ‘What is the vice-president doing?’” she noted. “No one ever had to ask who was the president, who was in charge. There was a certain fear, if not respect, around the globe for America-first policies that also had to do with national security and foreign affairs.”

While acknowledging all administrations complain about how the press treats them, she argued things were different with the Trump White House. “The press no longer saw their job as getting the story,” she explained, “their job was to get the president and the people around him.”

“I think part of it was elitism and snobbery but the biggest part was they never saw Donald Trump coming,” she added. “They should have.”



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