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Jewelry Store Owner Opens Fire, Kills Two Robbers

A jewelry store owner shot and killed two of four armed robbery suspects inside his store in Orlando, Florida’s, Magic Mall just before noon on Friday.

ClickOnOrlando reports that police indicated four people, “at least one with a weapon,” entered the store. The store owner opened fire when he ascertained an alleged armed robbery being attempted.

One of the four suspects was killed at the scene and the other three fled. However, one of the three who fled had also been shot and was pronounced dead upon arriving at a hospital.

WESH 2 notes that a customer inside the store described the scene where the first suspect died, saying, “Jewelry was all around him. Some jewelry was out still.”

He added, “People were already gone and dead by the time the cops had got here.”

A mall vendor named Peter Lopez observed, “One of them got shot. He’s dead behind the counter. The other one, they left in a car and he’s up on Tampa Avenue, he died as well. I mean, this was a robbery. And the owner had a firearm, so he defended it.”

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