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Jen Psaki Weighs in on Biden’s COVID Diagnosis

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki made her first comments about President Joe Biden since leaving his administration earlier this year.

During a breaking news segment on MSNBC, Psaki said she is not surprised Biden tested positive for the Coronavirus and that the White House has “been preparing for this probably for several months now given the percentage of people in the country who have tested positive.”

However, Psaki assured viewers that Biden will still be doing his job and serving as President while he recovers.

“What they need to do over the next couple of days is show him working and show him still active and serving as president and I’m certain they’ll likely do that,” Psaki said, adding “and the fortunately every White House regardless of whether you’re going through a pandemic or not is prepared for the President to serve in a variety of places, locations including recovering from COVID in the White House.”

Psaki continued to say that the White House was probably “bracing for impact” from the media, knowing there would be a lot of mixed reactions. She praised the Biden administration for being “transparent,” while reminding people that the reason he has mild symptoms is because he has been “boosted twice.”



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