Jay Leno Reveals Face, Hand Scars As He’s Released From Hospital Following Fire Accident - Tucker
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Jay Leno Reveals Face, Hand Scars As He’s Released From Hospital Following Fire Accident

Famed comedian and late-night talk show host Jay Leno was released from a burn unit on Monday following suffering burns on his hand, face and chest when working on a car in his garage more than a week ago.

Soon after the accident, Steve Lookner, News Anchor at AgendaFree TV, tweeted: “Jay Leno Seriously Burned in Car Fire…Jay was in the L.A. garage where he stores his cars on Sunday when one of the cars erupted into flames without warning… the flames burned the left side of Jay’s face.”

Leno underwent a series of skin grafting procedures at the Grossman Burn Center in Los Angeles. Dr. Peter Grossman, who previously cautioned that it might “take a couple of weeks” for Leno to “be back on his feet,” was happy to see Leno’s progress, according to a report in The Daily Wire.

Grossman, a plastic surgeon, told Fox News Digital on Monday: “I am pleased with Jay’s progress, and I am optimistic that he will make a full recovery.” 

People Magazine tweeted a photo of Leno posing with his care team as he was released.

Previously, RTM reported that Grossman also shared that Leno assisted others being treated at the burn unit — noting that Leno passed out cookies to children “and has been helping out with other patients.”

“We’re very happy to have him as part of our team,” the doctor quipped.

The Daily Wire reported that when Leno was repairing a clogged fuel line on his 1907 White Steam Car, “a leak caused gasoline to spray over his face and hands. A spark then caused an explosion, which ignited the gas.”

Leno told TMZ that his friend Dave, who was in the garage at the time, quickly smothered the potentially fatal fire.   

Leno’s friend Tim Allen commented that Jay was doing well after visiting him in the burn unit a few days ago. Allen told reporters: 

“His face looks great. It didn’t look all that good to begin with,” Allen joked. “He’s going with the George Clooney look. You’re gonna be surprised. He’s handsome and he’s happy and the hospital is doing a great job taking care of him.”

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