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Insane Viral Video Shows A Police Officer Shooting A Man Wielding A Hatchet

Intense video shows a police officer in Illinois shooting a man wielding a hatchet.

A Naperville police officer shot and killed a man who ran at him with a hatchet in early June, according to ABC7, and video from the incident has now been released by the authorities.

In body camera footage and video captured from his police car, you can clearly see a weapon in the man’s hand as he charges the cop. Without hesitation, the police officer killed the man with some mighty fine shooting. Check out the insane video below.

Another classic example of playing stupid games and winning stupid prizes. If you charge anyone while carrying a hatchet, you damn sure better be ready to get lit up like a Christmas tree.

That’s especially true when you charge a police officer in the middle of a traffic stop.

It’s also a very fortunate thing this police officer appeared to be on the ball when it came to his situational awareness. As soon as the second car pulled up, he reassessed the situation and was ready to draw his weapon.

Once the man exited the vehicle with a hatchet, he unholstered his sidearm and engaged his target. It wasn’t Delta Force level speed, but for a regular police officer, it was very impressive.

Cops want to go home at the end of the day, and this officer didn’t hesitate to put down the bad guy.


H/T: Daily Caller


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