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Here Are Trump’s Major Legal Battles and the Attorneys Who Represent Him

It is sometimes difficult to parse good information from attempts at indoctrination — objective truth from media spin. Such is the case when it comes to former President Donald Trump. Presented as both savior and saint, Trump is either an archvillain or the victim of wicked Democratic assaults. The swirl of controversy surrounding the businessman/politician extraordinaire has made it difficult for him to enlist the best staff and legal counsel.

Trump is no stranger to accusations, court proceedings and lawsuits. He currently faces legal challenges regarding the Jan. 6 riot in D.C., the FBI raid on his home in Mar-a-Lago and several suits in New York City regarding his businesses.

Controversy seems to hover over the former president; the left’s ability to vilify and punish those who have worked for or supported Trump has kept some top law firms from coming to his aid.

The Washington Examiner noted that currently Trump is being supported by “an unlikely batch of attorneys.”

The Washington Post reported Trump’s legal team includes “a past general counsel for a parking garage company, a Florida insurance lawyer who has never had a federal case and a former host on a right-leaning news network.”

The Post also noted that Trump “keeps hearing ‘no’ from seasoned attorneys,” which could put him at a severe disadvantage as multiple suits are being brought against him by groups with deep pockets.

It is estimated that the groups bringing charges against Trump on matters concerning Russiagate, impeachment, the Mueller investigation and the Jan. 6 protest have spent more than $50 million to try to bring the former president down.

The Washington Examiner notes that Trump has struggled to find “top-level legal representation … since … the 2018 investigation into the Russia scandal.”

Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich, however, is confident in the quality of Trump’s current legal team saying recently: “President Trump is represented by some of the strongest attorneys in the country, and any suggestion otherwise is only driven by envy,” according to the Washington Examiner.

The outlet also noted the criminal lawyers on Trump’s legal team include: Evan Corcoran, John Rowley III, Jim Trusty, Christina Bobb and Lindsey Halligan, a team compiled in part by GOP strategist Boris Epshteyn. 

Trumps lawyers in civil cases include Jesse Binnall and Alina Habba.

Trump is currently gearing up to defend himself against the following accusations:

Trump is being investigated for an alleged violation of the Espionage Act and possible obstruction of justice, according to the unsealed warrant related to the FBI raid of his Mar-a-Lago home.

The Examiner reports that “Corcoran and Trusty, who formerly worked in the Justice Department’s organized crime section, will head up Trump’s legal team” addressing those issues.

Trump also continues to face accusations from the Jan. 6 Select Committee that charges him with criminal activity, including inciting insurrection. 


A source familiar with the complex case notes that Corcoran and Rowley are leading Trump’s legal team in negotiations with federal prosecutors. At issue is Trump’s claim of protection due to his use of executive privilege and concerns related to Trump’s conversations with advisers on the day of the riot.

Binnall also represents Trump in civil lawsuits related to the Jan. 6 protest and breach of the Capitol.

Trump is expecting a legal challenge in Georgia — a grand jury in Georgia is conducting a criminal probe of Trump’s conduct after the 2020 election.

A tenacious Fulton County, Georgia, district attorney has been investigating Trump since January 2021. At issue is a phone call between Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in which Trump reportedly told Raffensperger to “find” votes to change the results. Trump denies the allegations.

Equally tenacious is New York’s attorney general who is conducting a multiyear, multifaceted civil investigation into Trump’s business dealings in New York City. 

Habba will be representing Trump in that matter.

Trump has also been fighting a multiyear battle regarding the public disclosure of his tax returns. A federal appeals court ruled on Aug. 9 that the IRS could provide Trump’s tax returns to Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee. 

Rulings on the matter have been mixed in lower courts — some ruling the tax records were sealed and some ruling the records must be made public.

Trump is expected to appeal the recent ruling and escalate the matter to the Supreme Court.

Trump also faces allegations of sexual assault and a defamation lawsuit stemming from a 1990’s-era suit filed by magazine writer E. Jean Carroll. 

The Examiner notes that Habba is also representing Trump in this matter, which is expected to go to trial on Feb. 6, 2023.

And Habba will also represent Trump in a civil suit brought forward by Trump’s niece Mary. The case pertains to a dispute regarding a 2001 family settlement.

In a separate action, Trump is suing Mary and the New York Times over the disclosure of his tax information.

This list of legal challenges is not exhaustive. Many wonder how much Trump would have been able to accomplish in the past, or will be able to accomplish in the future, if the legal ankle weights he runs with were removed.  

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