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EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Involved in Russian Deal to Sell Oil and Gas to China

Hunter Biden complained to his sister-in-law-turned-lover Hallie Biden in a December 2018 text message about the abduction of Ye Jianming, his CEFC China Energy Chairman, who he called the “richest man in the world”, and the arrest of Patrick Ho, his CEFC business partner, who he referred to as “my client the chief of intelligence of the people’s republic of China”.

According to Hunter, in response to Ho’s arrest for international bribery and money laundering charges by the Department of Justice, China retaliated in the “ouster and arrest of US suspected CIA operatives inside China”.

These weren’t Hunter’s only concerns at the time as he explained to Hallie that he was also suspected of “brokering a deal with Vladimir Putin directly for the largest sale of oil gas assets inside Russia to China.”

Today’s article will focus on Hunter’s involvement in Vladimir Putin’s deal to sell Russian oil and gas assets to China.

All of Hunter’s emails can be found at bidenlaptopemails.com.

All of Hunter’s text messages can be found at bidenlaptopreport.marcopolousa.org.

To find this text message, click on the link entitled “Biden Laptop Messages”, and search for “CIA operatives”.

On April 1, 2022, I wrote a broad overview of this text message with an emphasis on CEFC China Energy, China’s Belt and Road, and the national security threat implications of the Biden family getting rich with out greatest geopolitical rival:
“You’re right Hallie and I find myself… very alone in dealing with rebuilding an income that can support an enormous alimony and my kids costs and myself, dealing with the aftermath of the abduction and likely assassination (that’s what NYT’s suspects) of my business partner the richest man in the world, the arrest and conviction of my client the chief …
Miranda Devine, a New York Times Best selling author and journalist, told the inside story of Hunter Biden’s role in CEFC’s China Energy’s deal to buy a historic 14% stake of Russian oil giant Rosneft for $9 billion, in her #1 best seller, Laptop From Hell:

“Relations between Moscow and the West had soured after Russia’s annexation of Crimea in March 2014, invasion of Ukraine and the downing of Malaysian flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine by what Dutch investigators concluded was a surface-to-air missile supplied to pro-Russian rebels.

The subsequent US and European Union sanctions against Russia saw a cash-strapped Putin move closer to Xi, and in May 2014, the two leaders struck a $400 billion deal for Russia to deliver natural gas to China.

Now, in 2017, China wants to buy a stake in Russia’s national oil and gas company, and CEFC is right in the middle of it.

This is not just a Belt and Road acquisition of a traditional oil company, but the marriage of an arm of the Russian state with the CCP.

A personal triumph for Xi, the deal will cement Sino-Russia alliance and be a poke in the eye of America’s national interest. The Trump administration will use every tool at its disposal to undermine it.

It’s a high stakes play for Hunter’s partner.

Gilliar tells Bobulinski that Chairman Ye will meet with Vladimir Putin to progress the deal, but he is waiting for the green light from President Xi—whom he calls “No. 1.”

As far as I know chairman [Ye] will come to meet VP [Putin] if he gets approval from no. 1 [Xi],” writes Gilliar in a WhatsApp message on May 17, 2017. “Otherwise, he wouldn’t. He’s not traveling much. I will check all by time u are up.”

Chairman Ye does fly to Moscow on June 14, to meet oligarch Igor Sechcin, the Rosneft CEO, a Darth Vader to Putin’s emperor, had been personally targeted by the US-led sanctions.

On July 4, President Xi meets Putin in Moscow, where they announce a $10 billion investment fund for Belt and Road infrastructure projects. Putin seals the deal by bestowing on Xi the Russian government’s most prestigious honor, the Order of St. Andrew the Apostle.

Zang also is in Moscow, from July 4 until July 7. Within weeks, Reuters will report that CEFC is set to acquire a 14 percent stake in Rosneft.

On August 28, Zang appears in a photograph with Putin at the World Judo Championships in Budapest. The two men stand side by side wearing red ties and slight smiles. Zang looming large over the diminutive Russian.

It is an indication of the importance of CEFC, since Putin is not in the habit of random photo opportunities with Chinese businessmen. The photograph soon vanishes from the Chinese website where it appeared on August 29.

But screenshots are preserved by associates of Hunter as evidence of the shocking fact that President Biden, his son Hunter, and his brother Jim had a partner doing business, not just with China’s Xi Jinping, but with Russia’s Vladimir Putin.”

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Chinese President Xi Jinping welcoming Milos Zeman, his Czech counterpart, center left, at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing in 2015. Ye Jianming, far left, headed CEFC China Energy, which spent more than $1 billion on deals in the Czech Republic. In 2017, Ye would say the Rosneft purchase was “mainly driven by China’s Belt and Road Initiative”, according to Reuters.
Email showing 'great expectations.'
A May 13, 2017, email shows Hunter and his business partners would split up their CEFC equity so that Hunter Biden got 20%, Rob Walker got 20%, James Gilliar got 20%, Tony Bobulinski got 20%, Jim Biden got 10%, and another 10% would be held by Hunter Biden for “the big guy” (Joe Biden).
On July 4, 2017, President Xi meets Putin in Moscow, where they announce a $10 billion investment fund for Belt and Road infrastructure projects. Putin seals the deal by bestowing on Xi the Russian government’s most prestigious honor, the Order of St. Andrew the Apostle. The ceremony was held in the St Andrew Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace.
Email about lucrative agreement.
On August 2, 2017, Hunter Biden emails his CEFC business partner Gongwen Dong that CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming, had agreed to a “rate of $10M per year for a three year guarantee total of $30M” for “introductions alone”
On August 8, 2017, CEFC Infrastructure Investment wired $5 million to Hunter Biden’s Hudson West III.
On August 29, 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin cordially received CEFC China Energy representatives in Budapest, Hungary at the the opening ceremony of the 2017 World Judo Championship. CEFC Executive Director Zang Jianjun (Hunter Biden’s business partner) is photographed with Vladimir Putin, the Honorary Chairman of the International Judo Federation.
On September 8, 2017 CEFC China Energy, the largest private Chinese energy company at the time, officially agreed to agreed terms on the purchase and sale of a 14.16% stake in the share capital of Rosneft Oil Company (Rosneft). CEFC President Chan Chauto and Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin are photographed together on the Rosneft website in a press release announcing the deal.
Russian oil giant Rosneft CEO Igor Sechcin photographed with CEFC China Energy Chairman Ye Jianming in a now deleted Rosneft press release posted on November 14, 2017. Chairman Ye noted, “CEFC China looks forward to further in-depth cooperation with Rosneft. By bridging Rosneft and the Chinese market and promoting the bilateral cooperation, CEFC China will better serve the energy demand of China. I strongly believe that the transaction will inject new energy into the economic and trade cooperation between China and Russia.”

On the day that CEFC officially announced the $9 billion Rosneft deal, September 8, 2017, CEFC’s Gongwen Dong opened up a $100,000 line of credit for Hunter Biden, James Biden, and James Biden’s wife, Sara Biden, who were all authorized users of credit cards on the Hudson West III account.

Hunter Biden, James Biden, and Sara Biden went on a shopping spree buying $101,291 worth of extravagant items, including airline tickets, technology products, and hotel rooms.

All the purchases were flagged for “potential financial criminal activity,” according to a Senate investigation.

In Miranda Devine’s Laptop From Hell, she writes during this time, Hunter would “email a real estate agent to ask about buying a $4 million waterfront house in Annapolis.”

“Later that month he is in New York, shopping. He outlays $14,115 on his platinum Amex at luxury menswear store Riflessi on “Billionaire’s Row,” 57th Street. He spends$7,694.90 at Caruso Men’s Wear and $537.34 at Brooks Brothers… Hunter also drops $12,000 dollars that month at Larry Flint’s Hustler Club on 12th Avenue,” continued Devine.

The Rosneft deal fell apart when Ye was arrested in China in March 2018.

The same month, the credit cards used for the Bidens’ shopping spree were closed, according to the August 2020 Senate Security and Finance Committees’ report.

“During the time that Ye’s companies were sending millions of dollars to Hunter Biden-associated companies, Ye had business dealings with Kremlin-controlled companies and Kremlin-aligned businessmen. Ye appears to have been China’s unofficial bridge to Russia on energy,” concluded the August 2020 Senate Report on Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.

In text messages sent to Bobulinski on Oct. 14, 2017, Hunter wrote that he and Ye Jianming had a “solid” relationship. Biden said he was the first guest at Ye’s new apartment and that Hunter had been a “personal attorney” for Chairman Ye Jianming, during the same time period CEFC China Energy acquired 14% of the Russian-state oil company facing western sanctions.

“I’ve been talking to the Chairman on a regular basis. I was his first guest in his new apartment/ he cooked me lunch himself and we ate in the kitchen together. He has me helping him on a number of his personal [issues] (staff visas and some more sensitive things)…. He and I discussed the Rosneft deal and he is pissed off but only by the exception which I guess was Zang’s deal. Anyway, he and I are solid… We have a standing once a week call as I am also his personal counsel (we signed an attorney client engagement letter) in the US,” Hunter wrote, according to Bobulinski’s text messages obtained by the Epoch Times.

The Financial Times would write about CEFC’s purchase of Rosneft and Ye Jianming’s connections to the Chinese government:

“A little-known company linked to the People’s Liberation Army has emerged as the leading acquirer of assets in the former Soviet bloc among China’s private companies, strengthening ties between Beijing and Moscow.

The rise of Shanghai-based CEFC China Energy has unfolded in sync with China’s economic push into central Asia and eastern Europe amid growing co-operation with Russia in matters ranging from disputed Asian islands to the Syrian conflict…

CEFC is no ordinary private company. Ye Jianming, the group’s chairman, sponsors a pro-China think-tank with ties to retired military intelligence officers, and does business with the military’s “princeling” elite.

CEFC’s rise from its roots in Fujian province corresponds roughly with President Xi Jinping’s political ascent. Despite being an outlier as a private investor in China’s closed oil sector, the company’s global dealmaking has corresponded with Mr Xi’s state visits…

Mr. Ye once headed a subsidiary of Zhuhai Zhenrong, the military-linked oil trader that imports crude from Iran. Before that, he worked for two years as deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai branch of the China Association for Friendly International Contact (CAIFC), an international outreach arm for the PLA.”



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