Ex-Planned Parenthood Clinic Director Says She’s Now Pro-Life After Witnessing the ‘Barbarity’ of Abortion - Tucker
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Ex-Planned Parenthood Clinic Director Says She’s Now Pro-Life After Witnessing the ‘Barbarity’ of Abortion

A former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic director claims she has now turned-pro-life after witnessing the ‘barbarity’ of abortion.

Activist Abby Johnson said that she believes more people would oppose the termination of pregnancies if they saw what was involved.

Speaking on Fox News she suggested how she believed many pro-choice activists have never even seen the procedure being performed.

‘I think that if people really saw abortion for what it is, I think that more people would be against it. I think one of the reasons that abortion continues to escalate in this country, I think one of the reasons that so many people are protesting against the overturning of Roe v. Wade, is because you don’t see the victim of abortion,’ Johnson began.

‘You don’t see this child being dismembered in its mother’s womb. You don’t see the body parts stacked on top of each other. I think if people could actually see the barbarity of abortion, if they could see how terrible abortion is, more people would be against it,’ she suggested.

Johnson also said that she believes a serious problem is that many women don’t know that pregnancy centers exist to help them because they’ve mainly just heard of abortion clinics as the primary option.

‘So one of the things I’d really like to see pro-life people doing on social media, in our churches, anywhere that we can… we need to be showcasing the pro-life pregnancy centers in our area. I can tell you that when I had my first crisis pregnancy, I didn’t even know what a pregnancy center was but I knew what an abortion clinic was,’ she told CBN News last month.

‘We need to be doing a better job as the church, as Christians, of really advertising the pro-life resources that are in our communities.’

On Sunday, President Joe Biden said he has asked his administration to consider whether he has authority to declare an abortion-related public health emergency in wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The comments come after Biden on Friday signed an executive order to ease access to services to terminate pregnancies.

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