Elon Musk Tweets Just After Secret Twin Birth Revealed: ‘Doing My Best to Help the Underpopulation Crisis’ - Tucker
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Elon Musk Tweets Just After Secret Twin Birth Revealed: ‘Doing My Best to Help the Underpopulation Crisis’

The billionaire founder of Tesla, SpaceX and the Boring Company tweeted he is doing his part to repopulate the planet.

“A collapsing birth rate is the biggest danger civilization faces by far,” he commented in a Thursday post to Twitter.

“Mark my words,” he added in a following post, “they are true.”

Naturalist David Attenborough is a proponent of the belief the world has too many people as it is and must work to reduce births. Mr. Attenborough said during a BBC interview that population growth must come to an end.

He shaped many people’s views about climate changes after his 2015 Barack Obama interview was shown in more than 50 countries.

Two years after interviewing former President Barack Obama, Attenborough released Blue Planet II that discussed among other thing, problems with plastics polluting the Earth’s oceans. According to a report on weforum, the documentary was seen by approximately 80 million in just China.

When Blue Planet II aired in November 2017, featuring an episode on the ocean’s plastic problem, some 80 million people in China alone tuned in. The headline for an Independent report claimed so many Chinese viewers tuned in to Blue Planet II that it slowed down the country’s Internet. Then, he set his sight on population.

“One of the reasons population has increased as fast as it has, is that people like me are living longer than we did,” Attenborough remarked, “so there are more and more people just because the expectancy of life has increased.”

Mr. Musk obviously disagrees with Attenborough and other doomsayers when it comes to procreation. Musk is approaching double-digits in the number of children he has fathered, according to a Daily Wire report.

The Wire previously reported that Musk, 51, had fathered twins late last year with Shivon Zilis, 36, who serves as the youngest member on the board of directors for OpenAI. The twins allegedly sired by Musk were reportedly delivered just weeks before his second child with the musician known as Grimes was born. Musk and Grimes have since split up.

The twins the Wire report alleges were fathered by Musk would not be the first time he produced multiple offspring.

Musk was previously married to author Justine Wilson, with whom he has five sons: twins Griffin and Xavier, 17, and triplets Damian, Saxon and Kai, 15, according to a Page Six report.

If Musk is the father of the twins born to Ms. Zilis, added to the five with Ms. Wilson and two with Grimes, adds to nine known children who call him ‘dad’.

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