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Editorial Standards

Principles of editorial decision-making


TuckerPost’s highest obligation is to accurately convey facts and reality in our reporting. A commitment to evidence in the pursuit of the truth is the foundation of TuckerPost’s credibility and reliability as a news source.

To maintain our trustworthiness, TuckerPost cites sources, checks facts, and identifies bias as well as conflicts of interest in our reporting. While gathering information, TuckerPost maintains a professional skepticism and seeks out original, primary sources whenever feasible. If primary sources are not accessible, TuckerPost works to verify and credit secondary sources of information.

TuckerPost encourages staff, contributors, and audience members to refer to the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Code of Ethics as a basis for interpreting the following policies and guidance about TuckerPost’s journalistic practices.


TuckerPost works in the public interest by creating and advancing knowledge about matters that can impact everyone. As this purpose involves holding powerful individuals and institutions accountable for their actions, TuckerPost must maintain the independence of its journalism from outside influence.

TuckerPost subscribes to standards of editorial independence. TuckerPost retains full authority over editorial content to protect the best journalistic and business interests of the organization. We maintain a firewall between news coverage decisions and sources of all revenue to ensure editorial judgments are made independently.


TuckerPost supports a healthy exchange of views and includes a diversity of information sources in its coverage. TuckerPost is not an advocacy organization and seeks to convey all relevant points of view in our reporting. Disagreement alone is never a just rationale to exclude a particular viewpoint. As a journalism organization, TuckerPost depends upon and asserts a right to freedom of expression and access to information through its very existence.

The fairness of reporting depends upon effectively conveying the context in which news events are taking place. TuckerPost recognizes false balance as a form of media bias.

Content published on TuckerPost’s platforms is clearly distinguished between news, opinion, and analysis. If an organization or individual is criticized or accused of wrongdoing in our reporting, TuckerPost will offer a genuine opportunity to respond prior to publication and will describe our effort to obtain comment if none is provided.