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Drag Queen Story Hour Activist Admits to Subverting Traditional Understandings of Sex

A self-proclaimed “Drag Queen” who goes by the stage name “Lil Miss Hot Mess,” admitted that drag is a political tool used to destabilize kids’ early understanding about sex.

In a July 7 Huffington Post article titled “I’m A Drag Queen Who Reads To Kids. Haters Call It ‘Indoctrination’ — Here’s What They’re Really Learning,” Lil Miss Hot Mess wrote, “Drag is not about upholding beauty standards, but defying them.”

The article reflects on the curiosity of children before lamenting that Senator Marco Rubio and numerous others on the right have criticized Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) for being used as an explicitly sexual and political tool to groom children to accept progressives’ fluid view of sexuality.

The article goes on to admit that drag “as a decidedly queer practice emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as queer identities began to take shape publicly.” To engage in a queer practice means to “challenge the dominance of heterosexist discourse,” and in this instance, to present alternative sexual lifestyles to children.

The article proceeded to point out that drag has historically been used by various political activists, citing Jose Sarria, a drag queen who ran for public office, alongside various drag performers who played a role in the Stonewall riot.

Drag has also been used to fundraise for a number of causes, including “to pay for gender affirmation surgeries, and to fund the work of numerous LGBTQ campaigns.”

The author also pointed out that the program is used as a tool to subvert Americans’ beneficial and traditional understanding of beauty. “Drag is not about upholding beauty standards, but defying them,” the article notes.

Candice Jackson, former deputy general counsel at the Department of Education, commented on children being targeted by drag queen activists, telling Breitbart News that “Kids don’t need to be ‘queered.’ Kids don’t benefit from being trained to transgress norms around sex. Kids don’t thrive by being taught that hedonism or base desires never can be judged as immoral or inappropriate.”

Jackson also explained that drag culture has taken advantage of the excessive permissiveness of classical liberalism, contending, “The defense and celebration of drag culture, especially foisted onto children, is a hallmark of the way classical liberal values of tolerance and self-determination have been stretched beyond meaninglessness into nihilism.”

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