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Doctor Sounds the Alarm About Possible Consequences of COVID-19 Injections in Young Children

Amid Washington, D.C., schools mandating COVID vaccines for children 12 and older, Dr. Fauci admitting that vaccinations do not work “overly well” and the Biden administration pushing vaccinations for children as young as six months, Dr. Paul Alexander is warning that vaccines “may damage the innate immune system in children.”

In an exclusive interview with The Epoch Times, Alexander, an epidemiologist and researcher, is one of many warning about the significant adverse reactions tied to COVID vaccinations.

According to The Epoch Times, Alexander notes that “while the innate immune system in young children is broadly effective and potent, it is still ‘antigenically naive,’ and it is exposure to germs and foreign substances that helps train their innate immune system to function.”

In an interview on EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders,” Alexander warned:

“Children have a window of opportunity to train the innate immune system properly, and principally, they’re trying to train the innate antibodies and the innate NK [natural killer] cells. They get that training, those cells of the innate immune system, get training by the exposure to a pathogen.”

“Why the training of the antibodies is so key is because in that period of time in young childhood, once the innate immune antibodies and the innate immune system can be trained and you allow it to be trained, it functions,” he added.

Alexander warned that vaccines could disrupt this “training” because “the vaccinal antibodies…bind to the spike antigen, [and] first block the innate antibodies from its functional capacity, which is binding,” effectively prohibiting the immune system from differentiating a normal cell from a non-self pathogen.

Noting the grave ramifications, Alexander stated that “if the immune system is not able to do that, it can lead to autoimmune disease as a result of the immune system attacking the body,” according to The Epoch Times.

“So it is absolutely critical that the innate immune system, and particularly the innate antibodies very early on in childhood, be allowed this training,” he added.

The Epoch Times has cited dozens of doctors who argue that children should not receive the COVID vaccine — their mortality rate does not justify the need for a vaccination, the vaccine trials in young children were unusually small, the vaccine has proven ineffective at stopping transmission and studies show that children have a robust natural ability to fight off the virus.

In contravention to the science, and despite the CDC’s research which shows vaccines to be ineffective if not dangerous, the FDA and CDC continue to push for COVID shots for young children.

The Epoch Times noted in a June 17 press release that the FDA acknowledged the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine was unreliable “due to the low number of COVID-19 cases that occurred in study participants.”

Speculating as to why the Biden administration continues to push the vaccine narrative, in a YouTube post, vaccinologist and virologist Geert Vanden Bossche said that the mass vaccination of people during a pandemic would prolong the pandemic.





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