Maxwell’s Lawyers Drop Bombshell Claim About What Her Cellmate Told Them in a Bid for Lighter Sentence - Tucker
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Maxwell’s Lawyers Drop Bombshell Claim About What Her Cellmate Told Them in a Bid for Lighter Sentence

Convicted in December of helping deceased billionaire Jeffrey Epstein get teenagers and young women for sex, Ghislaine Maxwell is scheduled to be sentenced June 28. The British socialite is asking for a light sentence, citing a troubled upbringing and alleged death threats from a fellow inmate.

Maxwell was convicted December 29 by a New York City jury after three accusers said they were teenagers when Epstein’s gal pal set them up for sexual abuse by the disgraced billionaire. The women testified that Maxwell encouraged them to give Epstein massages that escalated to sex.

Epstein was a billionaire who died under suspicious circumstances at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center in August 2019. He was reportedly assigned watchers to guard against suicide. Two guards were later found to have falsified records saying they had made their appointed rounds to keep an eye on the suspected pedophile. Both guards were allowed to resign without prosecution.

In February, model agent Jean-Luc Brunel was found hanged in his Paris prison cell. Brunel was introduced to Epstein by Maxwell and French authorities suspected him of multiple cases of raping minors.

Maxwell’s lawyers contend that Maxwell was moved into the jail’s general population after her conviction. The Oxford University graduate reportedly worked as an orderly and “eagerly provided a wide variety of assistance to the women in her unit, including G.E.D. tutoring.”

It was in “gen pop” the Epstein associate was allegedly targeted by a fellow inmate, whom Maxwell’s legal team claimed constituted “a credible death threat.”

A prisoner in her housing unit told at least three other inmates she had been offered money to murder Maxwell, according to the New York Times report. The allegedly murderous convict reportedly planned to strangle Epstein’s gal pal in her sleep, her lawyers claimed.

The inmate who made the threat was moved to a different unit, “presumably to protect Ms. Maxwell,” the report noted.

To further bolster her ask for leniency when sentenced, the socialite told the sad tale of her childhood dominated by a mean father shuttling her between boarding schools and mansions.

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