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Christian Couple Waits Until Wedding Day to Share First Kiss: ‘Like a Disney Fairytale’

Rhalyn Murphy, 21, had waited her whole life to “save” her first kiss with someone she would love. When the moment finally came, she described it as “like a Disney fairytale.”

When Rhalyn was 17 and praying one day while in ministry school, she recalled feeling God was asking her to do something that would not be easy.

While recently sharing her story with Kennedy News via the New York Post, Rhalyn said she “was praying one day and felt that the Lord just asked me if I was willing” to save her first kiss until her wedding day.

She noted that if she could do this, she would be setting an example for girls to show that you do not have to kiss dozens of other guys before finding the one.

“I was 17 and was away at a ministry school in Alabama and I’ve always had a heart for other girls and wanted to help other girls and felt that’s a part of what I’m supposed to do,” Rhalyn said.

About four years later, she then met Micah on social media, recounting that their parents had already known each other for 15 years. However, Micah, 25, was living in Florida, while Rhalyn, now a worship director, was living in Virginia.

When Rhalyn explained to Micah her intentions to save her first kiss until the wedding day, he was on board but noted it was challenging, especially while dating long distance.

“I actually liked the idea, but it was definitely hard to not kiss her when we would have to drop each other off at the airport,” said Micah via Kennedy News.

But the couple stuck true to their principles, and in December 2021, Micah proposed to Rhalyn, and the two got married in June of this year.

“The first kiss was amazing. It was perfect, I couldn’t have pictured it going any better,” Murphy explained. “But then the more [we kissed] when we were taking pictures and stuff, it wasn’t that it was weird, it just felt unnatural because I had never kissed anyone before.”

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