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China Issues Chilling Warning to Nancy Pelosi if House Speaker Decides to Make Taiwan Trip

Biden’s foreign policy initiatives have been a disaster — Iran is now nuclear, Russia invaded Ukraine, wheat and oil disruptions are reported across Europe, North Korea fires ballistic missiles at will and America suffered a high-profile and humiliating exit from Afghanistan. 

Against this dubious backdrop, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reportedly planning to visit Taiwan — a move some say “will wake the sleeping dragon.”

China strongly opposes the visit.

China’s foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian warned that the communist nation is “seriously prepared” to respond to what they consider an intrusion into their domestic affairs.

Most Americans dispute China’s claim to Taiwan. Still, they worry that Beijing views America as a paper tiger — totally unprepared to counter China’s telegraphed intent to sweep the island nation fully into its orbit of control. 

Biden’s mixed-messaging and tepid threats seem to embolden China, which has few reservations regarding trampling basic human rights. 

The Daily Mail reported that Pelosi “will soon embark on a trip to Asia that includes a stop in Taiwan.” ABC reported that President Joe Biden commented to reporters that Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan “isn’t a good idea,” but many see that as a weak attempt to play “good cop/bad cop.” China is not fooled or amused.

Bloomberg correspondent Ann Marie Hordern tweeted

“The Chinese side has repeatedly made clear to the US side our serious concern over Speaker Pelosi’s potential visit to Taiwan and our firm opposition to the visit.”

The Global Times, a mouthpiece for China’s Communist Party, warned that Pelosi’s visit would “bring trouble” and lead the two superpowers to “the brink of war.”

Taipei, Taiwan’s capital, staged air raid drills on Monday and is mobilizing citizen soldiers as war clouds loom heavy on the horizon. The government’s war exercise included tanks and heavy equipment and directing people to shelters when air raid sirens wailed.

Citizens report eerie scenes as police in the capital city escorted people to shelters, streets emptied and shops closed.

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je told reporters that the potential for an invasion is high:

“In recent years, Chinese military planes have frequently harassed Taiwan, and the war between Russia and Ukraine broke out in February this year. All these things make us understand the importance of being vigilant in times of peace and we need to be prepared if there is war.”

The Daily Caller reports that Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan has not been confirmed publicly, though she told reporters at her weekly press conference last Thursday that it was “important to show support for Taiwan.”





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