Chicago Hospital Reportedly Works With Schools to Push Gender Transition, Radical Gender Theory on Students - Tucker
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Chicago Hospital Reportedly Works With Schools to Push Gender Transition, Radical Gender Theory on Students

New reports allege that the Children’s Hospital of Chicago is working alongside schools in the area to push radical gender theory and gender transition on students.

Documents obtained by writer and activist Christopher Rufo show that the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago is working in collaboration with local schools to push radical gender theory, giving administrators training documents, policy guides, and resources for students. At least four of Chicago’s public school systems have received these resources, Rufo reported.

“Beyond the lurid nature of some of the content, these documents reveal a profoundly disturbing collusion between radical gender activists in the medical system and the public school bureaucracy,” Rufo wrote. “They have laundered the promotion of queer theory, synthetic sexual identities, and child sex toys under the guise of ‘health and education,’ devoting significant resources toward building … a school-to-clinic pipeline.”

The primary document is a training presentation entitled “Beyond Binary: Gender In Schools,” which had multiple variants in the different school systems. One of them, which Rufo’s report focused on, is conducted by Hadeis Safi, an “LGBTQ and Gender Inclusion training facilitator” who works with the hospital’s Potocsnak Family Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine. The presentation instructs educators to support transgender and “gender expansive” students.

Other versions of the presentation describe the phenomena of “gender nonconforming,” “gender variant” and “gender creative” individuals as a “normative variation of human diversity,” and instruct schools in methods of “institutional inclusion,” so-called “gender support plans” for transitioning students, which include discussions of confidentiality and parental consent and knowledge.

They are told to avoid gender segregation; allow for an inclusive dress code; and support a school “Genders and Sexualities Alliance” club. The presentations specifically instruct schools to  include LGBT issues in school curriculum, “explicitly include gender identity in nondiscriminatory policies, diversity statements, and anti-bullying policies — and have explicit bathroom/locker room policies inclusive of all genders,” and to use inclusive school forms and identification materials.

The presentation provides a list of resources for teachers to share with students. One resource is a breast binder exchange program from the DC Area Transmasculine Society. Another resource links to a “kid friendly website for gender affirming gear,” which include: artificial penis “packers” to wear underneath clothing; phallic-shaped “stand-to-pee devices”; chest binders, and “trans masc pumps.”

Another resource links to an “LGBTQ friendly sex shop for teens” that includes multiple different forms of sex toys, bondage and gender gear. The site includes graphic pornography, BDSM and “kink” sex.

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