Candace Owens Turns on Trump, Says ‘He’s Too Old’ and Reveals He Was ‘Rude’ to Her - Tucker
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Candace Owens Turns on Trump, Says ‘He’s Too Old’ and Reveals He Was ‘Rude’ to Her

Conservative commentator Candace Owens joined a growing list of former Trump supporters now remonstrating against the former president after the midterm election.

Owens stated on her Daily Wire show that she became suspicious of Trump after they clashed about COVID-19 vaccinations. The show host claimed the former president was rude to her after that interview.

The Daily Mail further reported:

The pundit revealed that the next time she saw Trump: ‘He was actually rude to me.

‘I’m telling you this personal story because I think it is something that made me for the first time question me as a person.

She said that ‘this is not being a leader’ and that he refused to believe that his base was not in favor of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The commentator continued: ‘After the 2020 election and because the shock of all the things that happened and the answers that we never really feel that we got, this sinking realization that we might be actually losing our country, I think that it pushed him into an angry space where he doesn’t trust anybody.’

Owens described the president as ‘almost likely to believe that everybody’s trying to turn their back on him and stab him in the back.’

She went on to say that conservatives have been having discussions about Trump in private that she now feels ‘should be also had with the public as well.’

While arguing that Trump is still right to be angry about the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and even the long-dismissed possibility of election fraud in Arizona, she says ‘if you stay at a place of anger, you are ignoring everything that is going on around you.’

She added: ‘You are no longer looking and assessing things the way you should.’

Owens doesn’t believe that Trump will ever get over the ‘trauma’ of 2020 and be able to painting a vision for 2024, saying that his ‘paranoia’ and ‘trepidation’ is now reflected in his MAGA movement.

She then criticized Trump as ‘not helpful’ for his various ‘swipes’ at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis: ‘He’s not running against DeSantis right now. Why take a random swing?’

Despite the criticism, Owens said: ‘I am not under any impression that Trump can’t win in 2024. What I am saying is that Trump needs to take a good look in the mirror and a good look in the room and he needs to read the room accurately.’

‘He needs to exercise a tiny bit more humility when he gets something wrong. Trump is not perfect, I am not perfect.’

She ultimately argues the results of the midterms show that Trump ‘isn’t sure’ and therefore his followers ‘aren’t sure’ about where the movement is right now.

Owens later said in a tweet that neither Trump nor DeSantis is her preferred candidate for 2024, claiming a ticket of Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie would be her ‘dream team.’

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