Brooklyn Father Stabbed to Death on NYC Subway, Slashed After Sticking Up for Cop - Tucker
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Brooklyn Father Stabbed to Death on NYC Subway, Slashed After Sticking Up for Cop

New York City subways have seen a recent string of deadly attacks with at least eight murders so far this year.

One of those tragic cases was the murder of Tommy Bailey. The 43-year-old husband and father was stabbed to death while riding on the subway in Brooklyn. He was a hardworking man, a loving father, and a husband. He leaves behind three kids who said their dad was a hero. Friends of the family are asking for community support following the tragedy.

“I just felt horrible. I mean nobody should ever have to die that way. It’s so sad. Especially leaving behind three young kids. I mean, what is that family to do now? The loss of the breadwinner. I mean, it’s just life changing for them in a really bad way,” Bailey’s friend Bill Abbate said.

Bailey was a Local 638 Union Steamfitter and always stuck up for what was right. That is what witnesses said he was doing moments before he died, when he stepped in to defend a female police officer who was being harassed by a man. Then, that suspect pulled out a sharp object and slashed Bailey in the neck.

“To have to take your life into your own hands by just going to work or going to the grocery store or to a doctor appointment, not knowing if you’re going to make it home. That’s very scary,” said Abbate.

The NYPD arrested Alvin Charles for the murder. This is not his first time behind bars. Police say he was arrested last year on assault charges. When he reportedly stabbed another man, who thankfully survived. A NY Judge reportedly denied the request for a $50,000 bail. So, he was able to walk free for months.

“This is a Democrat run city forever. Very liberal policies. The criminals are running wild,” Abbate added.

This tragedy comes as overall crime on the subway system is up more than 41% compared to last year. With at least eight murders this year, according to police records.

“We have 3.5 million people using our subway system, we have to be honest about that. The average of six crimes a day is giving the impression that our system is out of control,” NYC Mayor Eric Adams admitted.

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