Bill Maher Admits FBI Raid is ‘Saving Trump Politically’ Just as His Fortune Was ‘Finally Falling’ - Tucker
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Bill Maher Admits FBI Raid is ‘Saving Trump Politically’ Just as His Fortune Was ‘Finally Falling’

“Real Time” host Bill Maher took no pleasure to acknowledge that this week’s FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago could ultimately benefit former President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly hinted at another bid for the White House.

After poking fun at the “items” that were found in Trump’s safe, Maher questioned during a panel discussion whether the FBI raid will equate to “Al Capone’s vault” given how broad the classification of “classified” and “top-secret” information is.

“Is it going to justify this raid or is this going to be a political nightmare?” Maher asked.

Fox Nation host Piers Morgan cautioned about the “tendency” from Trump’s biggest critics of playing into his hands with their overreaction to things, telling Maher, “Take a swing this big… you gotta land, land a big punch in terms of evidence.”

“In the end, it comes down to what is in these boxes… if it turns out to be the real deal, if it turns out that Donald Trump has violated the Espionage Act, that is a serious crime and he should be held to account,” Morgan said.

“If it doesn’t turn out to be there, that there are legitimate questions, I think, from the Trump supporters about the different standards applied to Donald Trump that hasn’t been applied to Hillary Clinton, to James Comey, to Hunter Biden and the others.”

Maher mocked Trump defenders who suggest the FBI “planted” evidence at Mar-a-Lago, telling the panel, “I don’t even think he knew what was in those boxes or cared.”

“I just think he was like, ‘They’re mine! I live here! I put it in those boxes! I get to take my boxes!’” Maher impersonated the former president.

He insisted that Trump “did sell his soul to the devil” since he is “the luckiest man in the world.”

“His fortune was finally falling. The Big Lie was finally losing momentum. DeSantis was beating him in the polls — you know who hates this more than anybody? DeSantis,” Maher exclaimed.

“‘I had this in the bag, and now I gotta run against President Martyr,’” Maher continued, impersonating DeSantis. “And this is saving Trump politically because now, of course, all the Republicans — what do they do?”

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