Bette Midler Hit With Backlash Over ‘Massively Irresponsible’ Comment About Possible NRA Convention Protest - Tucker
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Bette Midler Hit With Backlash Over ‘Massively Irresponsible’ Comment About Possible NRA Convention Protest

A vocal anti-gun entertainer shocked many with a Wednesday tweet telling people to bring guns and protest the NRA convention.

The National Rifle Association commenced its annual convention Friday in Houston, Texas. The event is just days after a troubled teen killed 19 students and two teachers at a Uvalde, Texas, elementary school.

A Twitter account remonstrated against the gun advocacy organization Wednesday.

“The NRA conference is THIS Friday. In Houston, Texas. Nice timing, a**holes,” remarked @DutyToWarn, an anti-Trump organization. “Speakers include Ted Cruz and Gov. Greg Abbott, who boasts an A+ rating from the same NRA. Are they worried? No.”

“The conference area is a ‘no gun’ zone,” concluded the caption. “They’re brazen, greedy, and shameless, not stupid.” The group omitted mentioning that former President Donald Trump is scheduled to speak and therefore Secret Service security protocols prevent armed audience members.

Entertainer Bette Midler retweeted the post, adding some heartfelt words of her own. “AT THE GEORGE R BROWN CONVENTION CENTER IN HOUSTON TEXAS, THIS WEEKEND,” Midler said, adding, “Come armed.”

One follower remarked, “19 children and 2 adults just died from gun violence yesterday, and you’re cracking a joke about ‘come armed’? …at least I HOPE it’s a joke.”

“Oh my gosh, Bette. Don’t act like a Republican!!!” follower Eileen Richards replied. “It’s so unbecoming.”

“If someone does show up and shoots at people at this convention, I hope the police arrest you for this tweet,” exclaimed follower @sanfilti.

“She’s gonna get people killed,” follower Ryan Shaffer said. “Massively irresponsible.”

An NRA statement said, “Although facts are still emerging, we recognize this was the act of a lone, deranged criminal.”

“Every NRA member and I know every decent American is mourning right now,” declared NRA President Wayne LaPierre. “Twenty-one beautiful lives ruthlessly and indiscriminately extinguished by a criminal monster.”

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